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Kelly Piquet Gets Decked Out in Diamonds for the F1 Russian Grand Prix

Watch model Model Kelly Piquet get ready for the Russian Grand Prix.

Q&A in collaboration with Glamour Russia

As a daughter of three-time Formula 1 champion Nelson Piquet you have always been close to the world of auto racing. What do you personally associate racing with?

Growing up in this world and seeing from very close what it takes for someone to reach such a high level, I can only associate racing to passion, perseverance, dedication, discipline, and adrenaline.

What do you like about auto racing? And what you don’t like? 

I love the thrill, the atmosphere (in certain cases), the rollercoaster of emotions, and seeing all the hard work it takes to put everything together. What I don’t like are the politics that are sometimes involved, the fact that some true talents never get their chances, the danger of getting hurt… 

How do you feel when you go to cheer for your boyfriend Max Verstappen at a competition? Is it more exciting or nervous?

It’s of course mixed emotions. I’m always super excited to support him but I always am nervous that everything goes well and that he doesn’t get hurt in an accident. The danger is normally not the first thing that comes to my mind but after his two big accidents this year, I’m much more nervous. 

kelly piquet russian grand prix diamond jewelry
Kelly Piquet at the Russian Grand Prix

Tell us a little about how you prepared for the races at the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Sochi? What outfit and jewelry did you decide to choose and why? 

When I go to races I always try to dress nicely of course but never over the top. I knew the weather was going to be tricky in Sochi so I took a few different options but in the end the best one was a nice pair of black jeans and t-shirt, black boots and a nice grey blazer. I also wanted the jewelry to stand out more so a clean look worked best. For the jewelry I went for white gold with diamonds and wore a beautiful set that included hoop earrings (my favorite), delicate necklace, two bracelets and 5 different rings that bedazzled my hands!

You have a very subtle sense of style. What inspires you in fashion?

I first and foremost go for comfort, and I’ve lately been focusing on good quality basics that can mix and match easily yet look put together. When you travel a lot, it can be very time consuming putting outfits together each time so I’ve slowly transitioned my closet to something a little more utilitarian. Things like observing people’s style in different cities, art, vintage fashion photography, books, and traveling all inspire me in fashion. 

kelly piquet russian grand prix diamond jewelry
Kelly Piquet trying on Alrosa Diamonds for the Russian Grand Prix
Kelly Piquet wearing Alrosa Diamonds at the Russian Grand Prix

What role do jewelry play in your style and wardrobe? Do you have a preferred diamond cut (rose, round, emerald, cushion, asscher…)

I think jewelry can put a beautiful finish to a look. It can either be the main focus where it uplifts an outfit, or worn to give the look some character. I personally think emerald is one of the nicest cuts. 

Do you have any talisman jewelry?

I’ve had one of two before but they got lost. I would like now to make a custom necklace with a locket to put my daughter’s picture in it. 

And do you have any jewelry that you do not want to take off and in which you feel more confident?

I wear almost through the whole year a gold bracelet from Brazil that is basically a gold string and wraps around my wrist 7-8 times. But I really like diamond solitaire earrings to wear everyday and I find them very flattering. 

Can you call yourself a confident person? What does your confidence depend on?

I think that overall I am confident but of course different phases/events through your life can make you feel more or less confident at times, and that’s ok! We all have our insecurities and for example nowadays the more you expose yourself on the internet, the more people feel the need to tear you apart for no reason. It’s important to remember that the bullies themselves are the ones with the most insecurities and usually quite unhappy. So I just focus on myself, on doing things that make me happy and feel good, on nurturing my relationships and focusing on the important things in life. 

kelly piquet russian grand prix diamond jewelry
Kelly Piquet final look for the Russian Grand Prix

How do you overcome your fears and doubts?

I overcome fear and doubts by trying not to take things too seriously, weighing the pros and cons, and telling myself that it is okay to make mistakes. At the end of the day you will never know if you don’t try, and I’d rather regret doing something than letting the opportunity pass. 

What is your superpower?

I have an insane intuition!

What do you dream about?

Building a beautiful, strong and united happy family!