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Gone are the days when “engagement ring” is synonymous with “solitaire.”

Two-stone styles are winning over millennial couples, but also have historic roots.

One love, two souls.

The two-stone engagement ring is a modern portrayal of romance today, not to mention a category with endless opportunity for interpretation. Maybe that’s why millennial couples have been so quick to adapt the history-linked style.

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Two-stone rings have become a glorious alternative to the single center stone.


By Marion Fasel

One glorious diamond has long been the iconic centerpiece of engagement rings. A single stone is such an accepted foundation for the all-important love jewel that the term “solitaire ring” is used as a synonym for engagement rings. But lately we have been seeing double in the engagement ring category. Two-stone rings have become a glorious alternative to the single center stone.

The style is often referred to as a Toi et Moi ring. Toi et Moi, which means “You and Me,” is never translated when referring to the design. French is very much the language of jewelry as well as love. Usually, the two-stone or Toi et Moi rings are composed of diamonds of about the same size, but nowadays there are a number of variations. More on that in a moment. First let’s review how the historic look came back into vogue.

Two-stone rings initially reemerged as a big deal for millennial brides when mega-influencer-model-actress Emily Ratajkowski showed off her stunner from Sebastian Bear-McClard on July 18, 2018. Emrata clearly adores the ring, which is set with a princess-cut and pear-shape diamond on a gold band, and has continuously put it front and center in her Instagram posts to her 28 million-plus followers. The couple worked on the gigantic one-of-a-kind jewel with the designer of Alison Lou, Alison Chemla.

Another major double-gem engagement ring moment for a millennial bride came on December 20, 2020 when Ariana Grande debuted her engagement ring from Dalton Gomez on Instagram. The jewel made by Solow & Co. has an oval-shaped diamond and a pearl from a sentimental family ring in Grande’s collection. It caused a sensation and became one of Instagram’s most popular posts of all time with over 15 million likes.

Ratajkowski and Grande catapulted two-stone engagement ring styles to a high level of desirability for a new generation, but the look is nothing new. It has roots dating back to the eighteenth century and one of the most famous couples in the world.

France’s Napoleon and Joséphine originally popularized Toi et Moi engagement rings. The gold ring Napoleon presented to his true love in 1796 had a pear-shape diamond and sapphire of about equal size set next to one another in cut-down button-back settings. The point of each stone was set in different directions.

Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy is the most famous modern bride to have a two-stone engagement ring. The Van Cleef & Arpels ring she received from President Kennedy, when he was a young senator in 1953, was set with an emerald cut emerald and an emerald cut diamond. Both gems weighed almost three carats. Around ten years later when she was famously redesigning the White House, Mrs. Kennedy had Van Cleef & Arpels reset the two gems in her engagement ring with a laurel wreath of marquise shape diamonds on the band flanking the two gems.

Today, far and away the most popular style of two-stone engagement rings feature two diamonds. Some have two different shapes of diamonds, which often touch each other in the mounting, but are other times spaced apart. It’s a mode that has been in the Jemma Wynne collection for many years.

Jenny Klatt, who designs the collection along with Stephanie Wynne, says they came up with the idea when she wanted to redesign her engagement ring. “I wasn’t wearing my ring because the setting was too fancy and traditional feeling,” explains Klatt. “For the new design we mimicked the shape of our open bangles in the ring and put two Asscher cut diamonds on the ends. When it was done, I knew I would wear it all the time.”  It’s a story that proves the point while two-stone rings have roots in history the freshness of the look now makes it as appealing as it is glamorous.


Brent Neale
Brent Neale Knot Ring

Knot -style ring in 18K gold featuring two pear-shaped diamonds.

Carbon & Hyde
Carbon & Hyde Mini Twin Ring

The Mini Twin Ring features two slanted pear shape stones wrapped in pave diamonds, 1.25cts total set in 14K white gold

The Clear Cut
The Clear Cut Irene Toi et Moi Ring

Made with solid 18K gold, a 0.27ct pear, and a 0.25ct round diamond, this dainty two-stone ring is the perfect everyday piece.

The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection Two Stone Diamond Ring

Set in 18k Rose Gold, this ring features a total carat weight of 0.35cts with two center stones and a pavé band.

KatKim Duét Pear Ring

The Duét Pear Ring showcases two kissing 6x4mm pear cut white diamonds set in polished 18k white gold.

Marla Aaron
Marla Aaron Tú Y Yo Ring

When you press the pear-shaped stones together they pop open, creating a very satisfying *click* to reveal a hand-engraved message of your choosing inside.

Marla Aaron
Marla Aaron Kissing Spheres Ring

The ring consists of 2 parts connecting that together form the ring, each with a bezel in 18k gold. The ring features faceted sphered diamonds.

Messika Paris
Messika My Twin Toi & Moi Ring

Set in 18K white gold featuring two 0.60cts diamonds with a pavé halo and band.

Bez Ambar
Ahee Bez Ambar Two Stone Ring

Carre cut and blaze cut diamond ring in 18k white gold.

Pamela Love
Pamela Love Gravitation Ring

18K gold bezel-set rose-cut white diamond and a single full-cut diamond surrounded by a halo of pavé full cut white diamonds. Because of the open design, this ring is slightly adjustable.

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