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Discover the Natural Diamond Council’s Exclusive Official Partner Program, which offers access to multimedia advertising opportunities, turn-key digital content solutions, and interactive educational resources. In partnership with luxury and fine jewelers, the exclusive program aims to inspire consumers by creating emotional dreams and advancing the modern natural diamond industry.

By investing in advancing their natural diamond business, an Official Partner will have access to:

Exclusive Advertising
Campaign Assets
Lifestyle & Education
Content Libraries
Global Sustainability Campaign
Advertising Assets

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Preview Advertising Campaign Assets

Official Partners will have exclusive access to customizable, multimedia advertising assets from our global campaign, To Treasure Now and Forever. Customizable assets are available in a variety of media formats, including OOH, Print, Digital Display, TV/Cinema/Video, POS, Social Media, and Radio. In addition, Official Partners will be able to utilize advertising assets from our global sustainability campaign, Real. Rare. Responsible. Preview a selection of the available media formats offered below:


To Treasure Now and Forever: “Celebration” OOH/Billboard


To Treasure Now and Forever: “Main Campaign” 30s Film


To Treasure Now and Forever: Double Page Spread


Real. Rare. Responsible.: Pre-Formatted Social Media Assets

Step into the world of socially responsible and responsibly sourced natural diamonds to get a behind-the-scenes look at the people, places, and positive impact of the diamond industry and the ongoing global efforts in diamond sustainability.


Real. Rare. Responsible.: 15s Film

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