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Celebrity Campaign

Learn more about advertising opportunities with our global celebrity campaign, designed to create emotional dreams and advance the modern natural diamond industry

Sustainability Campaign

Learn more about advertising opportunities with our global sustainability campaign, designed to educate the consumer on the positive impact of natural diamonds

Education Program

Learn more about investing in our education program, designed to accelerate natural diamond knowledge beyond the 4 C’s and convert sales


“With NDC’s [campaigns], we found both an ally and resource for educating clients on ethically sourced natural diamonds’ value and unmatched brilliance. NDC works with our unique goals to craft campaigns that speak honestly to the culture of our family business. Daily, clients thank us for helping them understand the global benefits of the natural diamond industry. Without the NDC, we could not have achieved such success so quickly in a market flooded with false information about lab-grown diamonds.”

The Razny Family

“The Natural Diamond Council is a wonderful resource for sales professional training. The easy to access and clear presentation format is loaded with relevant and current diamond information.  For our veteran sales professionals the NDC Education Program provides curated on point, consumer ready selling and talking points.  For newer associates starting their diamond journey, the [program] provided pertinent training, helping them to accelerate their client facing diamond knowledge.  Utilizing the NDC Education Program has been a benefit to the teams that use it.”

David Surridge, Regional Director

“The [NDC’s] newly launched education platform has not only boosted my team’s confidence in selling natural diamonds but also provides an illuminating insider’s perspective on the industry as a whole. This training program is a remarkable showcase of the miracle of natural diamonds, shedding light on their profound impact and the millions of individuals who rely on responsible natural diamond mining. Their comprehensive course offers a wealth of knowledge, catering to both industry veterans and newcomers, while delving into the modern aspects that make the world of natural diamonds truly captivating.”

Rebecca Read, VP of Sales

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