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Learn more about how you can shape the future of natural diamonds through content and media opportunities with the Natural Diamond Council, below.

As the global authority on natural diamonds, NDC offers bespoke services through content and media partnerships. Our skilled in-house content creation and media teams bring years of jewelry experience and expertise in digital and print marketing to tell our partners’ natural diamond stories. Combining limitless imagination with practicality, our content and media partnerships make it simple for businesses to inspire consumers, connect with our established network of luxury independent retailers, and advance the integrity of the modern natural diamond jewelry.

We have helped our partners showcase their unique company values in a variety of mediums, including sponsored articles, campaign shoots and influencer activations, as well as promote products through their channels and develop and refine their own brand strategy and identity. Through our in-house media team and platforms, we also efficiently promote our partners’ content to a highly engaged audience.

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