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Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Natural Diamond Council
Education Partner with access to our Partner Platform.

Learn more about the Natural Diamond Council’s Education Program, which offers both retailers and individuals access to interactive education that enriches skill sets and enables users to stay educated on the world of natural diamonds. The education has been designed for jewelry professionals seeking to accelerate their natural diamond knowledge, build average ticket, and drive confidence and sales conversion.

By investing in their commitment to natural diamond education, Partners will have access to:

Partners will have access to the Education Platform, which offers an integrated suite of benefits including:

A leading edge digital platform that empowers retailers and individuals to gain a comprehensive understanding of natural diamonds.

Curriculum consisting of 6 interactive education episodes including:

•   Introduction to the Natural Diamond Council
•   The History of Natural Diamonds
•   The Allure of Natural Diamonds
•   Commitment to Sustainability
•   The Difference Between Lab Grown & Natural Diamonds
•   Fancy Colored Diamonds
•   Diamond Facts: Busting Diamond Myths with Facts

Education tracks that accompany each episode, including resources & infographics, downloadable social media assets, & relevant articles.

Complimentary certificate of completion for Natural Diamond Council education program.

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Interactive Education Episode (Commitment to Sustainability)

Natural Diamond Industry Coexists With Nature


Relevant articles on


Educational Resources and Infographics


Downloadable Social Media Assets


Certificate of Completion

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