3 Ways to Layer a Diamond Necklace

We’ve curated three different looks in which the piece seriously shines.

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Curated by Will Kahn


All too often our finest, most glittering jewels spend more time in their boxes than adorning us. Featuring a line of diamonds—either identical in size or graduated—the diamond riviere necklace, also known as the tennis necklace, is a truly classic piece of jewelry that you’ll have no problem wearing on repeat.

Stunning in sparkle and simplicity, the diamond riviere steals our heart for countless reasons; here, we focus on its versatility. Though magnificent alone, the natural diamond necklace also happens to play very well with a large variety of other necklaces: it is a serious layering star that elevates a range of styles.

Read on to see our curation of three very different necklace layering looks, each which feature DeBeers’s diamond tennis necklace. Which is your favorite?

Diamond Riviere Layering Look 1: Everyday Cool
Style Muse: Hailey Beiber

This effortless, casual look will take you from Starbucks runs to jetset runways.

Layer the DeBeers riviere with Dezso by Sara Beltran shell necklaces to bring the diamonds down to earth in a beachy, textural fashion. Then, for length variation and a “just threw it on” Cali-girl vibe, add Anita Ko’s diamond and gold zodiac medallion, a super hot trend right now in itself. 

From the top: DeBeers, Anita Ko Jenna Blake

Diamond Riviere Layering Look 2: Professional Polish
Style Muse: Rosie Huntington Whitely

This unexpected yet cohesive look is our secret for shining on Zoom calls or chilling in a t-shirt alike.

Start with the DeBeers diamond riviere, and layer it with two necklaces of similar length, a grounding gold Anita Ko cable and whimsical Jenna Blake fringe piece. Keep the three necklaces relatively close together for polished, undistracting style that’s easy to wear with jackets and blouses.

For a little more fun—perhaps for a Zoom meeting to on-screen cocktail hour—add on Harwell Godfrey’s diamond knife edge hoops.

From the top: DeBeers, Foundrae

Diamond Riviere Layering Look 3: Modern Glamour
Style Muse: Gwyneth Paltrow & Beyonce

Casual yet special enough to be worn with lower necklines and flirty dresses for a night out, this look features the DeBeers tennis necklace—a focal point—layered with multi-tiered Foundrae medallion chains for a fun, sexy energy and modern gypsy feel.

From the top: DeBeers, Foundrae

Pair with Stephen Russell’s mega watt old mine diamond drops and major ring. After all, any night out these days demands going big.