Our Mission

The mission of the Natural Diamond Council is to advance the integrity of the modern diamond jewelry industry and inspire, educate and protect the consumer.

We do this by:

•  Communicating the inherent value and benefits of natural diamonds and the companies supplying them
•  Reinforcing the positive impact of the natural diamond industry by sharing insights, communicating best practices and promoting ethical, social and environmental standards
•  Ensuring clear and accurate information about diamonds and the diamond industry
•  Partnering with industry stakeholders for the purpose of driving transparency and trust

Together, our six Members represent the world’s rough diamond production. With 35 operations in 10 countries across four continents, NDC Members impact the lives and environments of millions of people.

Our Members are fully committed to supporting the sustainable development of communities, diamond-producing countries and the diamond sector from mine to market. They aim to provide safe, high-quality jobs and to locally source goods and services needed for their operations. As an organization, the Natural Diamond Council also convenes it’s members to collaborate, exchange information and share best practices.

Requirements for ‘NDC Members’ include commitment to the highest standards of integrity and responsibility in all aspects of their business and at all stages of the value chain, including toward:

•  Transparency
•  Ethical, sustainable business practices
•  Making a lasting, positive impact
•  Environmental stewardship
•  Promoting health and well-being of employees.