About Us

Founded in 2015 by seven major natural diamond producers as the Diamond Producers Association and re-branded in 2020, Natural Diamond Council (NDC) is the only not-for-profit entity specifically funded and established to promote the values of natural diamonds globally.

NDC operates out of offices in New York, Shanghai, Mumbai, and Antwerp. We work with a close network of writers, journalists, photographers, and producers to achieve our mission, supported by many instrumental industry partners, influencers, and friends. We are funded through contributions from our members and other partners throughout the industry.

Our goal at NDC is to create high-traffic marketing platforms through which we can engage consumers with the many inspiring narratives surrounding natural diamonds, the industry that enhances them, and the communities that depend upon them. In today’s digital world, we see an opportunity to capture the attention of a global audience by shining a light on natural diamond stories in social feeds, with high frequency.

Our platforms also provide marketing, promotional, and educational services to brands, designers, and retailers, encouraging them to promote the values of natural diamonds and support our mission.

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Our Mission

Natural Diamond Council is a not-for-profit organization committed to inspiring and educating consumers on the values of natural diamonds and the positive global impact of the industry.

Our Mission is to inspire consumers. To create emotional dreams surrounding natural diamonds that are exciting and culturally relevant. To support those dreams with the unique values and social benefits inherent in the diamond industry and  to advance the integrity of the modern diamonds jewelry industry, educate and protect consumers.

Our approach: 

All we do centres around being there for consumers as an independent, trusted voice. Our approach to achieving our mission focuses on three key areas:


A natural diamond is one of the only purchases that can incite a lifelong endorphin rush and enduring love. Today’s consumers are inundated with mixed messages on everything they purchase. We set out to show consumers that natural diamonds are the right choice, for all the right reasons.


Buying any diamond is an important decision, financially and emotionally. We want everyone who purchases a natural diamond to feel confident and excited about their decision. This is only possible when they are properly informed and empowered to say ‘yes’.


Only with a voice of authority can we educate consumers and inspire their decisions. As a brand agnostic organization, we are in a unique position to communicate integrity in the natural diamond industry as a whole.

Our Members

Our member companies are the bedrock of NDC. In 2015, seven diamond mining companies had the foresight to create the Diamond Producers Association (now NDC) to promote the values of diamonds to a global audience. Our member companies not only provide the financial resources required to fulfill our mission but also offer strategic leadership on NDC’s priorities.

Collectively, our member companies are responsible for a significant portion of the world’s rough diamond production, with operations in Canada and Africa. Beyond their economic contributions, NDC members are deeply committed to supporting sustainable development in the diamond-producing countries in which they operate. They prioritize creating safe, high-quality jobs and strive to source goods and services locally.

These efforts are underpinned by a set of rigorous requirements for NDC Members, including a steadfast commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity throughout the diamond value chain.