On the Red Carpet

Radiating glitz and glamour, Global Ambassador and Emmy-nominated Actress Lily James shines brightest on the red carpet, dripping in natural diamonds. Camera flashes make her natural diamonds dance in the light adding a halo of glitter to Lily’s inner glow. Finding strength in her natural diamonds, she steps into her light with the utmost poise of a shining star.

Commanding the attention of the room as she takes center stage, Lily James exudes confidence and authenticity in her natural diamonds. The Disco Ring paints her hand with sparkling pops of natural diamonds and pairs perfectly with her golden riviere necklace. The golden glow of her jewelry and the champagne hue of the gown gives Lily a statuesque effect—almost as if she is the award herself!

The natural diamonds on Lily’s tiered hoop earrings dance in the spotlight and add an edge to her otherwise polished look. A lariat necklace of pear-shaped diamonds is sophisticated yet playful due to its heart-shaped diamond, the decorative drop at the focal point of the piece

Legends of Africa Iconic Diamond Earrings, Vanleles | Degrade Line Necklace, De Beers Forevermark

Hamilton Design Necklace with a Heart Shape Diamond Drop, Hamilton Jewelers

Shine bright and
step into your light

Lily James lights up every room she walks into, thanks to her confident glow and the shimmering sparkle of her natural diamonds. What’s not to love about a flowing cascade of diamond drop earrings, statement-making natural diamond rings and timeless tennis bracelets and necklaces?

Perfectly polished and genuine in nature, it’s clear Lily and everyone in her dazzling inner circle can take on the world—or at least the red carpet—in their natural diamonds.

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