Meet Lily James

I spent some quality time with our Global Ambassador, actress Lily James in New York City ahead of her campaign shoot. Between snacking on black and white cookies and getting our ears pierced by Maria Tash, Lily and I had a lot to catch up on.

“It was the trip of a lifetime.” Lily reflected on her trip to Botswana. From visiting the mines to cutting and polishing facilities, she says of a diamond, “I held it and you feel the history and the power, it’s like Mother Earth.”

Discover Lily James’ natural diamond journey in Botswana, here.

En route to the shoot, Lily told me all about her time at the Met Gala and her stunning look. “It’s pretty epic that night. It’s overwhelming because there’s so many people and you have to walk that carpet. But I felt extremely confident because I had this pear-shaped De Beers diamond.”

She, of course, gave me all the details. “It was called Midnight Aura. It’s inspired by the midnight sky. I think diamonds always bring some glamour to your look. They make it feel Hollywood and there’s something sort of timeless and beautiful. So the diamond really set off my whole look and made me feel elegant.”

Before a full day of shooting, Lily took a sneak peek at the diamonds.

“Look how she catches the light. I love that a diamond is always a woman.” I agreed with her completely.

“When you see the rainbow, it’s such a miracle. It’s one of a kind.”

We strolled the streets of New York City talking about favorite diamond jewelry pieces and how Lily styles her jewelry for a night out in the Big Apple. “I always think it’s great to layer up loads of little diamond hoops, diamond earrings. They make your face come alive. Then you can swap in a big hoop or something to jazz it up.”

Lily’s diamonds, Brevani necklace

Lily’s diamonds, Brevani bracelet

A pro tip from Lily? “A Riviere diamond necklace, because if you can layer them up. And you can just have that from a T-shirt into a sexy date night, black dress, it elevates the whole thing.”

She told me about her most special diamond jewelry, saying “I have a beautiful rose gold, fine chain, it’s almost invisible, with these diamonds in a kind of big half-moon.” Adding, “I was given it really early on after a job by someone I worked with for a long time and love very much. It was such a precious gift. I wear that almost every day, like in the shower, out the shower, the whole time. I never take it off, really.”

Then it was time for our piercings.

As you can tell from our faces, we were both nervous and excited to get pierced by the wonderful team at Maria Tash. We each have multiple piercings so naturally, we were ready to add more.

A day full of natural diamonds is a day well spent, and even better with good company.