Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative

Presented by the Natural Diamond Council and jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz.



Illustration by Alelli Tanghal


EDDI Class of 2023. Top row from left to right: Bernard James, Amina Sorel, Kristina Buckley Kayel (NDC)
Bottom row from left to right: Symoné Currie, Jessenia Landrum, Gwen Beloti, Rosario Navia
Photo Credit: Andrew Werner


Ana de Armas with EDDI Participants. Photo by Vincenzo Dimino


EDDI Class of 2021 with Lorraine Schwartz and David Kellie of the Natural Diamond Council. Photo Credit: Madison Voelkel/BFA.com

The Natural Diamond Council and celebrated jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz are pleased to present the Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative (EDDI).  This program provides opportunities, removes barriers to entry, and offers unparalleled access to industry education and resources, including an allocation of $1 million dollars of diamond credit, to Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) jewelry designers. Designers who do not presently work with diamonds are encouraged to apply.

Without a previous history with suppliers, or references in the industry, it can be challenging to purchase diamonds. Our program aims to help designers establish credit in their own names and understand the process of diamond financing, credit and memo terms.


The one-year program includes:

• Financial grant to aid with design and production
• Diamond education seminars
• $20,000 line of credit with 24 month pay-back terms to purchase diamonds
• Access to production, marketing, finance, legal, HR and supply chain resources
• Retail and sales advice and support
• Online learning platform and monthly webinars with industry experts
• Individual mentors matched to each designer’s business needs
• PR and social media opportunities
• Promoted content on NDC channels
• Monthly networking sessions with other participants

Diamond Credit & Selection Process

Designers will be encouraged to utilize a variety of diamonds including those of differing colors and sizes, in order to celebrate the uniqueness of natural diamonds and a variety of price points.

A diamond credit will offer designers access to diamonds with extended payment terms of up to 24 months to diamantaires. NDC will guarantee this timeframe with our partners to ensure that designers have time to create and sell their diamond jewelry.

Applicants must be U.S. based and in business for at least one year and provide a brief business overview that outlines their operations to date and future goals. Sketches will be required along with a description of how diamonds will be incorporated into designs.

A selection committee including Lorraine Schwartz, stylist and designer, Jason Rembert, Global Head Of Fashion & Beauty Partnerships at Snapchat, Rajni Jacques, and NDC CEO, David Kellie will review designer applications until the $1 million diamond credit has been fully allocated.


We are currently working on the advancement of our EDDI program and have decided to pause the program in 2024.  The deadline to apply for the 2025 12-month EDDI program will be announced soon.  

We will be sharing some exciting news in December 2023, please stay tuned!

If you have any questions about the application for EDDI program, please email us at  applications@naturaldiamond.com.

“The diamond industry can be an extremely difficult industry to break into as an emerging designer because it is a tight knit, generational business that is passed down through family members and close friends. It’s even more challenging for Black and other BIPOC community members that aspire to work as diamond dealers and fine jewelers because they don’t have those established generational industry relationships. Helping up-and-coming BIPOC designers gain entry to diamond vendors and credit financing as well as offer tools to expand their businesses is important to me and to the generations to come. This program is another opportunity to give back to those communities that have embraced me and have been a wonderful part of my journey as a designer over the last 20 years.”

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