Meet Lily James

“Timeless, unique, miraculous.” These are three words that Lily James uses to describe the wonder of natural diamonds. As our new Global Ambassador, the Emmy-nominated actress and star of Pam & Tommy wanted her campaign to feel as authentic as the natural diamond jewellery she wears.

Shooting in her hometown of London, Lily dazzles as she moves from a movie set to a night out with her girlfriends, her diamond jewellery complementing the style of each scene. 

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“I’m a very sentimental person,” she explains. “I attach a lot of significance and meaning to belongings and treasures and in that respect, jewellery.” One special piece that comes to mind for Lily? “A gold heart locket with diamonds on it,” she says. “Inside are pictures of my father, it’s very special to me.” The locket is a testament to the idea that jewellery can connect us to loved ones and help us hold them in our hearts.

I attach a lot of significance and meaning to belongings and treasures.

 “My first memory of a natural diamond is on my granny’s hand,” Lily says of her grandmother’s 3-stone engagement ring. “She always had stories for every piece of jewellery.”

Diamonds can tell their own story whether worn every day or for the most formal of occasions. “I wore a Piaget yellow diamond on a diamond chain for the Oscars,” she says, smiling fondly at the memory. “When you have an amazing diamond, it takes the attention,” she muses and shares she is always happy to let the diamond do all the talking. 

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But it’s not just the sparkle that draws Lily to natural diamonds. “The fact that they are older than the stars in the sky… blows my mind,” she says of a diamond’s history and significance. “I’m such a romantic, and when you realize it’s the oldest thing you will ever touch… it makes my heart swell.” With almost 100 billion years of history, natural diamonds have journeyed through more than we can imagine to end up on an engagement ring finger or draped delicately around a wrist.

When you have an
amazing diamond,
it takes the attention.

As the new Global Ambassador, Lily has learned a few things about the diamond industry along the way. “The natural diamond industry supports the livelihood of 10 million people globally,” she says with passion. “And for every acre of land mined, they set aside three for conservation to protect wildlife.”

There’s so much to unearth about the natural diamond industry. Join Lily on her exciting journey of discovery. Stay tuned for more from the actress as she dives deep into the sparkling world of natural diamonds.