12 Diamond Jewels That Stole the Show at the 2024 TEFAF Art Fair

These natural diamond jewels are true works of art.

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The 2024 edition of TEFAF has once again illuminated the corridors of New York City with its prestigious and diverse offerings. Known as The European Fine Art Foundation, TEFAF holds its acclaimed art fairs annually in Maastricht and New York. This fair gathers a confluence of the world’s most esteemed art dealers, showcasing an eclectic mix of art forms, from ancient sculptures to modern paintings, and notably, an impressive fine jewelry collection.

As visitors wander through this extravagant affair, they encounter pieces that rival those in the world’s greatest museums, created by legendary artists such as Van Gogh, Warhol, Dali, and many others. The fine jewelry on display at 2024 TEFAF stands prominently alongside these masterpieces, each piece embodying the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship.

This roundup highlights 12 breathtaking natural diamond jewelry pieces showcased at the fair, each exemplifying why they captivated fairgoers in 2024 and why they deserve to be displayed in the company of other legendary artwork. 

Ana Khouri

Courtesy of Ana Khouri.
Chloë Sevigny attends The 2024 Met Gala (Getty Images).

A necklace by Ana Khouri with an ‘east-west’ set 21-carat natural diamond set in an 18kt ‘Raw Gold’ collar was shown at 2024 TEFAF. Recently worn by Chloe Sevigny at the 2024 Met Gala.

Courtesy of Ana Khouri.
Hailey Bieber at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscars after-party. (Getty Images)

The Phillipa ear cuff by Ana Khouri, worn by Hailey Bieber at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar’s after-party, is fully set with natural colorless pave-set diamonds totaling 3.20 carats and a dangling 1.78-carat colorless pear-shaped diamond, all mounted in 18-karat white gold.


A ring by Boghossian in their signature ‘kissing’ style with one natural, fancy intense Orangy Pink radiant-cut diamond set over a hexagonal-shaped diamond using the ‘Kissing’ technique, surrounded by two triangular-shaped diamonds, on a ring with small pink brilliant diamonds.

Courtesy of Boghossian.

One-of-a-kind earrings by Boghossian featuring a mesmerizing array of natural pastel-colour fancy-shaped diamonds. Each diamond has a radiant spectrum of hues, from vivid yellows to light blues, creating a captivating rainbow effect. Two central magnificent fancy green-blue pear-shaped diamonds are embraced by a line of trapezoid-shaped diamonds. Each earring is then topped by a bouquet of additional natural multi-colored diamonds.

Courtesy of FD Gallery.

A contemporary diamond ring by FD Gallery with an 8.78-carat antique old European cut diamond set in rich yellow hammered gold. 

Courtesy of FD Gallery.

Contemporary diamond earrings by FD Gallery feature two antique old mine-cut diamonds, 9.78 carats, and 10.15 carats, collet set on wire ear pendants in silver topped with old.


Courtesy of Hemmerle.

This Hemmerle diamond necklace is set with over 3700 matched natural gray diamonds in hollowed silver. Just over 289 carats of diamonds in total.

Courtesy of Hemmerle.

This Hemmerle diamond ring is set with an antique cushion-cut natural diamond weighing over 13 carats. The black iron mounting gift wraps the diamond, while the gold interior sits on the finger.

Otto Jakob

Courtesy of Otto Jakob.

Earrings by Otto Jakob set with drop-shaped rose-cut diamonds and yellow gold scrolls forming an inverted stylized pine cone. The cone is topped with a chainmail-like column composed of a multitude of flexibly connected elements made of yellow and white gold and rose-cut diamonds. The column is set with micro pavé and tiny rose-cut diamonds and embellished with black vitreous enamel and painted gold.

Courtesy of Otto Jakob.
Courtesy of Otto Jakob.

A ring by Otto Jakob entirely hand-modeled in wax and cast in a lost-wax process to allow an untreated gold cast surface. The ring is set with an 8.27-carat oval diamond, inspired by the cuts prevalent at the end of the 19th century.


Courtesy of SABBA.

A bracelet by SABBA Paris with three natural light yellow diamonds of 9.30, 10.89, and 9.58 carats, and 14.60 carats of smaller diamonds surrounding and down the sides. All are mounted in titanium and 18k gold. 

Courtesy of SABBA.

A bracelet by SABBA Paris with a single fancy Intense yellow cushion cut diamond of 36.09 carats mounted in maroon colored titanium and 18k Gold in an ‘urchin’ like design.