12 Diamond Jewels Worthy of the Prestigious TEFAF Art Fair

These show-stopping diamonds are a must see

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TEFAF, the world-renowned art fair, has once again graced New York City. For the uninitiated, TEFAF, which stands for The European Fine Art Foundation, is a twice-yearly art fair taking place in Maastricht, Netherlands in March and in New York in May. TEFAF is where the world’s leading art dealers come together to exhibit their works. This art includes paintings, sculptures, artifacts, furniture, lighting, and, you guessed it, exquisite fine jewelry. On a casual stroll through the fair, you will pass countless pieces that belong in museums from masters like Klimt, Picasso, Munch, Renoir, Koons, and many more. The fine jewelry exhibited at TEFAF can hold a candle to all of the above. Each piece is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship that transforms nature’s wonders into wearable art. In this recap, we delve into 12 of the most show-stopping natural diamond jewelry creations that left visitors spellbound. 


Hemmerle Old Mine Cut Wrap Bracelet

A one-of-a-kind bracelet made of hand wrapped steel around a natural old mine cut diamond weighing over 14 carats.

Photo Credit: Hemmerle.com

Diamond earrings set with central, old European cut natural color diamonds of approximately 14 carats each and further set with 12 carats of smaller diamonds complimenting their individual color. The subtle color difference is accented by one earring being set in bronze and the other in copper. 

Photo Credit: Hemmerle.com

Oxidized silver and white gold earrings with over 370 diamonds reverse set around two spheres weighing a total of 39 carats. 


Boghossian Kissing Motif Oval Diamonds

The designer’s signature ‘kissing’ motif with one oval-shaped colorless natural diamond set on top of a larger natural fancy deep brownish orangy yellow marquise-shaped diamond set in 18 karat rose gold. 

Boghossian Toi Et Moi Kissing Motif Ring

The designer’s signature ‘kissing’ motif in the toi et moi style with exceptionally rare fancy color diamonds including a fancy purplish red radiant-cut diamond and a fancy vivid bluish green cushion-shaped diamond respectively, each set over one pear-shaped step-cut diamond and one hexagonal­ shaped portrait diamond. The stones are then set on a pear-shaped aquamarine and morganite to enhance the colors of each diamond. All in 18-karat white and rose gold.

Boghossian Merveilles Necklace

From the designer’s signature Merveilles collection, a diamond sautoir necklace in 18 karat gold with the central link being fully set with diamonds on four sides. The ‘Merveilles’ setting technique allows for the diamonds to be set with almost no visible metal creating the illusion of all the diamonds floating.

Otto Jakob

Otto Jakob’s Hand with Salamander VIII

Hand with Salamander VIII, a pendant featuring a fire salamander clutching a white enameled hand. The hand wears a diamond-set bracelet of 0.24 carats and a diamond and ring set with an antique table-cut diamond from the 17th century weighing 0.45ct. Made of 18kt yellow and white gold. 

Otto Jakob’s Durga V Ring

Durga V ring inspired by the Indian archer’s rings. The two sides of this elaborately engraved ring set with rubies and drop-shaped rose-cut diamonds can both be worn as the front. Set in 22 karat gold with 4 rose cut diamonds weighing 3.50 carats total. 

Otto Jakob’s Babbaluscia Earrings

Babbaluscia earrings inspired by the mathematical architecture of spindle-shaped gastropod shells. The abstract whorls are covered by translucent blue vitreous enamel and finished with a tassel composed of emeralds, 5.14 carats of taviz-cut diamonds, and 1.85 carats of brown briolette-cut diamonds. The eye-like mounts are set with antique 19th-century diamonds weighing 7.44 carats. All are mounted in partially oxidized 18-karat white gold.

FD Gallery’s Verdura Cuff Bracelet

A Maltese Cross diamond and wood cuff bracelet by Verdura, circa 2010, with approximately 9 carats of natural diamonds and a diamond cut in the 17th century set in 18 karat white gold on ebony wood.

FD Gallery’s Sabba Earrings

Ear pendants designed and made by Sabba with 25.70 carats of white diamonds and 2.90 carats of natural pink diamonds set in platinum. 

FD Gallery’s Bhagat Earrings

Lotus diamond ear clips designed and made by Bhagat and set with two round rose-cut diamonds weighing 3.62 and 4.03 carats, respectively, and 32 pear-shaped rose-cut diamonds weighing a total of 24.12 carats, all set in 18 karat gold.