Gemist Launches Its Latest Collaboration With Made By Malyia

Shoppers can customize their own Made by Malyia diamond jewelry and virtually try their creations on before purchasing.

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Photo Credit: Tutes

The one-of-a-kind jewelry design platform, GEMIST has released its latest collaboration with one of the Natural Diamond Council’s Emerging Designer Diamond Initiative (EDDI) designers, Malyia McNaughton of Made by Malyia

Malyia was among the first group of designers that launched the EDDI program, which was created by the NDC and Lorraine Schwartz to provide Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) jewelry designers with access to resources, mentorship, and media opportunities as they grow their businesses. GEMIST launched its first EDDI collaboration in August with designer Dorian Webb.

GEMIST allows shoppers to add their own spin on innovative pieces created by the next generation of fine jewelry designers. GEMIST also offers a unique try-on experience which allows shoppers to visualize their customized pieces before purchasing. 

Photo Credit: Gemist

Malyia’s jewelry has been seen on celebrity favorites such as Megan Thee Stallion and Lizzo

One of her most iconic pieces, the Soleil, was also worn on Ana De Armas in the Natural Diamond Council’s global campaign, For Moments Like No Other

Malyia spoke exclusively to Only Natural Diamonds about this new collaboration, and what the Soleil pendant means to her. “When I designed the Soleil Pendant I wanted to reimagine the sun by celebrating the connection we share with nature and gems,” she said. Adding, “The center of the Soleil was intentionally left open to represent the wearer as their own source of power and energy.”

Photo Credit: Tutes

Her inspiration for this collection comes from “a desire to highlight the unlimited beauty we receive from nature.” This collection features colored gemstones sourced from artisanal small miners in Africa in addition to diamonds. 

As for Gemist, Malyia said, “I wanted to provide clients the opportunity to be a part of the creative process and allow them to create a version that best represents their own self expression. I think of this collection as a collaboration between myself, the designer and clients (aka jewels).” 

The two featured pieces in the GEMIST x Made by Malyia are different variations of The Soleil Pendant, both on adjustable 16-18 inch chains. Shoppers will be able to select the chain from either 14K or 18K white gold, yellow gold, rose gold. Shoppers can also select their stones, whether that be all diamond, amethyst and diamond, blue sapphire and diamond, or rainbow tourmaline with sapphire and diamonds.

She continued, “They have an opportunity to customize a piece that reflects them best, and that has always been my goal as a designer”, adding, “To use jewelry as a form of self expression and to reflect the beauty of the wearer back to them.”

The collection is available to shop now on the GEMIST now.