Monica Rich Kosann Launches A New Natural Diamond Journey

The “Points North Diamonds” collection convey the power of new roads in our lives.

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Monica Rich Kosann, known for her gorgeous lockets and tennis bracelet collection with its inventor Chris Evert, is venturing into a new category within her Points North Collection: Points North Diamonds. Each ring is designed to weigh one carat—.91 to 1.21 carats to be exact—and makes for the perfect engagement ring for someone looking for a unique, non-traditional design or a right-hand ring to wear every day. Round, baguette, pear, and cushion cut diamonds are placed specifically on the ring to refer to each of the compass points. The band itself is designed with knife-edged shanks dotted with pavé diamond references pointing north. Ahead, Kosann herself shares the inspiration behind the collection and her love of natural diamonds.

Only Natural Diamonds: What was the inspiration behind your new collection?

Monica Rich Kosann: The iconography of the Compass. It’s an important symbol as it conveys the power of new roads and journeys in our lives with its directional iconography. The Compass has been part of our collection since our early years. Of course, I am always also inspired by all things vintage, true timeless elegance and a nod to the past. I also looked to historic architecture and romantic motifs which are at play in this new Points North Diamond collection.

OND: Why is it important for you to use natural diamonds in your designs? And what makes them so special in your eyes?

MRK: We always use natural diamonds in our collections… the value and beauty of a natural diamond is unparalleled. They have lived on the earth forever. For generations, women have wanted jewelry that can last over many lifetimes. In many ways, the natural diamond has been the North Star of fine jewelry, so isn’t it fitting that natural diamonds anchor this Compass-inspired collection?

“Points North” Diamond 18K White Gold Ring with Round and Tapered Baguette Diamonds
“Points North Diamond Ring with Round and Pear Shaped Diamonds

OND: Natural diamonds are also used as symbols of love and connection. How does that symbolism play into the collection?

MRK: This collection is all about love! The Compass symbolizes guidance for us through life but, in reality, this guide is our inner selves, our intuition which we need to trust when it comes to love. What better way to celebrate this, than with diamonds the ultimate symbol of love? These rings are also intended as an innovative take on bridal and engagement – our first foray into the category…they make a beautiful alternative engagement ring and can also be worn as a right hand/any finger ring that one can love every day.

OND: I know you were also inspired by ancient architecture when creating this collection… knowing natural diamonds themselves are ancient and prehistoric, how does that play into your designs as well?

MRK: The diamond cuts include rounds, baguettes, pears, and cushions…all placed to refer to the varied compass points. On the outside of the knife-edged shanks are tiny diamond references pointing us towards our “true” north…which occurs quite often in our lives…. architecture and structure are integral to my inspiration for these designs.

“Points North” Diamond Ring with Cushion, Baguette and Round Diamonds
“Points North” Diamond Ring with round, baguette and pear shape diamonds
“Points North” Diamond Ring with Oval, Round and Pear Shaped Diamonds

OND: How would you style these pieces for everyday wear?

MRK: It’s a statement ring…whether it’s bridal or a gift a woman buys for herself… it should be placed accordingly on the hand and layered with classics like our Poesy Stackable Rings, a wedding band, an everyday tennis bracelet, and such. I personally will be wearing mine on my pointer finger. I like its “cool” factor.

OND: How would you describe the Monica Rich Kosann customer?

MRK: A confident woman who lives her story…a wearer of modern heirlooms meant to empower and inspire her as she goes about her life!

OND: What does luxury mean to you?

MRK: Wearing YOUR stories is the ultimate in luxury.