Chris Evert’s New Tennis Bracelet Collection Tells the Real Story Behind the Diamond Essential

The legendary athlete partnered with Monica Rich Kosann for a line of tennis bracelets with a special meaning.

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Finally, Chris Evert, whose diamond bracelet inspired the original tennis bracelet, has unveiled a collection of natural diamond designs with Monica Rich Kosann that tell the real story behind the famous style.

Nearly 45 years ago, when Evert’s diamond bracelet slipped off her wrist during a US Open match and the game was halted so she could find it, the style was playfully named the tennis bracelet. She never expected the term would last. “I had no idea it would become such a thing,” she told Only Natural Diamonds last week.

But the sporty name never seemed to fully fit the elegant diamond bracelet. That is until now. Evert collaborated with jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann on a new collection of diamond tennis bracelets that reflect her memories of that momentous day when she made diamond jewelry history.

“What makes this tennis bracelet collection finally authentic is that it is rooted in the origin story of the tennis bracelet from my perspective,” says Evert. The collection’s tagline is appropriately “The Tennis Bracelet- CE. Born 1978. Finally Authentic.” So, it’s clear this isn’t just any diamond line bracelet.

A diamond tennis bracelet that recalls the game.

Unveiled this week on Monica Rich Kosann’s website, the diamond bracelets reference the game in subtle ways:  The single pear-shaped diamond drop on nearly every style represents the beads of sweat; the emerald accents symbolize the green court; the natural white diamonds are the court’s white lines. Each bracelet is stamped with the CE and MRK signatures, and the most expensive styles come with a certificate of authenticity signed by both Evert and Kosann.

chris evert Tennis Bracelet monica rich kosann
chris evert Tennis Bracelet monica rich kosann

Evert says she chose to partner with Rich Kosann because she wanted an American woman to “bring this founding story to life.”

A longtime jewelry fan, when Evert chose to wear the diamond line bracelet during her match in 1978, she made it clear that diamonds were an everyday accessory – even for sports.

“Chrissie understood that it was important to create pieces that are iconic and empower a woman, which is why she wore her diamond bracelet when she played,” says Kosann. “Who is more empowering than a female athlete who was also a trailblazer!”

chris evert Tennis Bracelet monica rich kosann
chris evert Tennis Bracelet monica rich kosann

The tennis bracelet gets better with age.

Nearly 25 years after Evert’s diamond bracelet was coined the tennis bracelet, the classic style is part of our jewelry lexicon, a timeless wardrobe essential that is made in countless variations and prices.

Today, it speaks to the way women dress and live; they want every day jewelry pieces that they can live in, but they still want the preciousness of diamonds.

“A good tennis bracelet and jeans is always going to be a thing,” says Kosann, whose Instagram account shows the designer wearing her favorite jeans with layers of diamond bracelets and necklaces. “It’s so chic to layer a tennis bracelet in with your other wrist pieces. It’s easy and adds a bit of personality to your wrist.”

“It feels so good to have the authentic tennis bracelet on my wrist,” says Kosann about her new designs made with Evert.

The tennis legend is also wearing her new tennis bracelet every day. “My hope is that the tennis bracelets we created together become a woman’s daily armor in every facet of her life to conquer the day ahead,” says Evert.

It may have taken her 25 years to get into the jewelry game, but we are glad that Chris Evert decided to make her mark in a tennis bracelet.