The Complete Guide to Cushion-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Everything you need to know about the beloved cushion-cut diamond engagement ring.

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rachel solomon cushion-cut diamond engagement ring guide

With rounded corners and curved sides, cushion-cut diamond engagement rings are the perfect choice for those who can’t pick between round and rectangular cuts. Brides love the gentle curves and the different looks of this diamond cut. “The cushion cut is the most versatile diamond cut for both shape and cutting style,” says Debbie Azar, President of Gemological Science International. “With its classic vintage feel it is still capable of delivering beautiful light performance.”

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Cushion-cut diamonds can have a vintage feel because it is one of the oldest diamond cuts, a derivative of the original “mine cut.” If you adore vintage jewelry, you can even find examples of original old-mine cushion-cut diamonds at auction houses, like this stunning ring Sotheby’s sold, which features a 4.50-carat old-mind cushion-cut diamond surrounded by sapphires and diamonds.

cushion-cut diamond engagement ring guide
Photo Credit: Sotheby’s

Today, there are many different styles in terms of shape and facets. Cushion-cut diamonds can be square or rectangular, also called elongated cushion-cut, so there are plenty of options out there, especially when compared to a round diamond. This allows you to find the perfect stone with just the right width and length to suit your finger but can pose a challenge if you are looking for something very specific.

As a jewelry writer, I’m frequently asked to help friends and family members in their jewelry purchases, especially engagement rings. When I helped my brother and now sister-in-law find their dream diamond engagement ring, she had her heart set on an elongated cushion-cut diamond, which was difficult to find at the time. We felt a bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears in the Diamond District — this one is too thin, this one is too square, and, finally, this one is just right. They found the perfect ratio, cut, and clarity they were looking for at Oscar Heyman, an iconic New York City jeweler, who set the diamond in a timeless platinum setting with delicate claw-shaped prongs.

Cushion-cut diamond engagement ring by Oscar Heyman. Photo Credit: Rachel Solomon

There are also three ways that a cushion-cut diamond can be cut: chunky, crushed ice, and classic brilliant. Azar notes that chunky cuts have “larger facets and broader flashes of light that appeal to those who like cuts with a more vintage feel,” while crushed ice diamonds have many small facets, giving the stone a similar look to a layer of crushed ice. Finally, the classic brilliant cut takes a similar approach to a round brilliant diamond.

Brent Neale Winston, a New York-based jewelry designer, loves working with cushion-cut diamonds. “After placing the stone into our gypsy setting, the versatile style of this stone allows us to play around with the sides,” she says. “We worked with anything from half-moons, to trapezoid sides to pears. The best part is that cushion cut diamonds look just as great standing alone.”

Cushion-cut diamonds are popular with celebrities, too. Kanye West famously proposed to Kim Kardashian with a 15-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring from Lorraine Schwartz, which was reputed to cost $2 million. The massive stone makes quite a statement on its own, so it has a very simple setting that lets the diamond’s beauty shine and sparkle from every angle.

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Gabrielle Union and Sofia Vergara also have cushion-cut diamonds for their rings. Vergara’s ring is estimated to be around 5-7 carats and it is set in a halo setting, which adds extra brilliance to the diamond. Union’s 8.5-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring has a simple setting, like Kardashian’s.

No matter your preference, you’re sure to find a stunning cushion-cut engagement ring here.

De Beers Forevermark Exceptional Diamond Cushion Halo Ring

de beers forevermark cushion-cut diamond engagement ring guide

This exceptional ring from De Beers Forevermark features a stunning 7.04-carat cushion-cut diamond in a pavé halo setting. The halo accentuates the brilliance within the diamond, and the diamond band lets the ring sparkle from all angles. This stone is a perfect example of a classic cushion, with soft curves and a nice length-to-width ratio.

Brent Neale One-of-a-Kind Cushion Diamond Gypsy Ring

brent neale cushion-cut diamond engagement ring guide

This gorgeous ring from Brent Neale shows the versatility of cushion-cut diamonds. Because they have both round and rectangular elements to their shape, they pair beautifully with a range of diamonds. Here, she flanks a 2.44-carat cushion-cut diamond with half-moon diamond sides.

Greenwich St. Jewelers Barclay Engagement Ring

greenwich street cushion-cut diamond engagement ring guide

The platinum Barclay engagement ring from Greenwich St Jewelers features a more square 1.90-carat cushion-cut diamond flanked by two half-moon diamonds. It’s a great example of a “crushed-ice” cushion-cut diamond, with flashes of light that explode from the diamond.

State Property EH01 Cushion Diamond Ring

state property cushion-cut diamond engagement ring guide

A yellow-gold bezel is a wonderful way to accentuate the unique shape of a cushion-cut diamond. The contrast of the white diamond with the yellow gold makes the gentle curves of the diamond more defined. State Property uses a chunky gold bezel in the simple EH01 engagement ring, which is available in sizes from .5-1.0 carats. Each piece is designed in Singapore with accessibility and wearability in mind.

Walters Faith Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring

cushion-cut diamond engagement ring guide walters faith

Walters Faith also plays with a bezel setting in this cushion-cut engagement ring but chooses a more subtle 18K rose gold. It still adds a nice contrast to the diamond but is a more delicate look than yellow gold. It features a 2.5-carat central stone.

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