How Women Are Rewriting the Diamond Story

DIANCO’s commitment to empowering women in the natural diamond Industry is shattering stereotypes and paving the way to inclusive workplaces in unique ways.

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Women Empowerment At DIANCO
All Images Photo Credits: Dianco

The diamond industry is experiencing a transformative shift led by pioneers like DIANCO. Their mission? To not only redefine the way we perceive diamonds but also to reshape the industry landscape through empowerment, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In a world where professional responsibility is increasingly critical, DIANCO is setting an example of how a business can thrive while uplifting its employees and the communities in which it operates. By enlisting women in leadership roles and enabling its female workforce, they are not only fostering an inclusive culture of diversity but also redefining the future for the diamond industry

Bridging Gender Gaps in the Diamond Industry

Though the diamond industry is often depicted as a male-dominated field, DIANCO is determined to challenge this stereotype. With nearly 53% of employees in Botswana and a remarkable 64% in Namibia being women, their statistics indicate that they are committed to bridging the gender gap in an industry traditionally marked by gender disparities. 

 Bridging Gender Gaps At DIANCO

Not just limited to statistics; their commitment to supporting women is woven into the fabric of their operations. In regions like South Africa, where they have a significant presence, women are leading the way. Their substantial female workforce is not just a number; it’s a testament to the transformative power of equal opportunities.

“Empowering women in the diamond industry is not only a matter of fairness and equality; it’s an investment in a more sparkling and equitable future. At Dianco, diversity isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a catalyst for innovation and progress. That’s why we are committed to empowering women in the diamond industry,” says Manoshi Mehta, Marketing Director, DIANCO.      

DIANCO’s Holistic Empowerment: Fostering Growth and Development

True empowerment goes beyond employment numbers. To holistically support their predominantly female workforce in Africa, DIANCO has implemented a groundbreaking initiative—a daycare center located near their factories. This thoughtful and progressive move enables women to balance their professional responsibilities with their roles as mothers. It not only enhances their quality of life but also creates a nurturing environment that fosters career growth.

Daycare Initiative for Female Workers At DIANCO

Inspiring Leadership That Paves The Way For A Brighter Future

In any industry, role models play a pivotal role in inspiring future generations. DIANCO boasts leaders who are undeniable inspirations. 

Manoshi Mehta, DIANCO

Among the trailblazers of DIANCO, Manoshi Mehta stands as a shining example of women taking charge in the industry. As a second-generation leader, she embodies the legacy and the future of DIANCO, proving that empowerment isn’t just a concept but a lived reality. “Stepping into the world of diamonds alongside my father and brother, I’m thrilled to be part of the legacy and to redefine it. As one of the first women to join our family’s diamond business, I’m breaking barriers in a traditionally male-dominated domain, proving that brilliance knows no gender.” 

Paola Bermudez, on her experience in natural diamond sourcing shares “Having immersed myself in the natural diamond industry for over a decade, I find strength in forging new paths. Joining DIANCO in Business Development and establishing pivotal partnerships in our target global markets was a decision based on merit, not gender. DIANCO’s dedication to supporting single mothers in Botswana’s polishing sector is something I truly admire. It reaffirms my belief that this journey is aligned with my values. As a co-founder of Women in Diamonds, we strive to empower women throughout the diamond value chain, starting from Antwerp in 2021.”

As an active ally, Ajesh Mehta, scion of D. Navinchandra Exports Pvt Ltd., shines as a visionary philanthropist in the diamond industry. 

Inspiring Leadership at DIANCO |  DIANCO’s journey represent the threads of empowerment, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

His global impact extends beyond credentials, focusing on uplifting communities. His dedication to people’s growth and community service is unwavering. By actively championing inclusiveness, his initiatives at the workplace aim to reshape women’s roles and foster equity, propelling a brighter, more inclusive future.

In the tapestry of DIANCO’s journey, these women represent the threads of empowerment, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Legacy With A Purpose

DIANCO’s legacy can be best defined by setting a new standard for the diamond industry, and paving the way for a more equitable world. Their partnership with organisations like the Responsible Jewellery Council, participation in the Watch and Jewellery Initiative 2030, and involvement in the Sustainably Brilliant initiative underline their dedication to ethical and sustainable practices. Moreover, their support in running a hospital in Palanpur, Gujarat, named Samarpan, demonstrates a commitment to giving back to the communities they operate in.

DIANCO setting a new standard for the diamond industry

But perhaps the most significant part of their legacy is their unwavering dedication to encouraging women. By reducing the gender gap within their workforce and providing essential support such as daycare facilities, they are contributing to a brighter, more inclusive future for women in the diamond industry.