Lucara Recovers Massive 1,174-Carat Diamond in Botswana

The newly recovered diamond is thought to be the third largest diamond in the world.

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Photo credit: Lucara

There’s a new epic diamond in town and it’s beating out last week’s historic Debswana 1,098-carat diamond recovery by almost 100 carats. A 1,174-carat diamond was recovered from Lucara’s Karowe Diamond Mine in Botswana this week, making it the third 1,000+ carat diamond recovered since 2015 and the third largest diamond in the world. 

Photo Credit: Lucara

Lucara believes this diamond is part of a larger diamond still hidden underground, as the 1,174-carat diamond was found alongside a few others with substantial carat weights. 

“Lucara is delighted to be reporting another historic diamond recovery and its 3rd diamond over 1,000 carats, a world record for Karowe,” says Eira Thomas, CEO of Lucara Diamond Corporation. “These diamond recoveries do contain large domains of top color white gem that will be transformed through our partnership with HB Antwerp into valuable collections of top color polished diamonds, very much in high demand in the market today.” 

Photo Credit: Lucara

A valuation of this extremely rare and exciting diamond discovery has yet to be announced along with the stone’s name that will surely go down in diamond history. It measures 77x55x33mm, roughly the size of a plum. 

The country of Botswana has been transformed by the recovery of diamonds, with revenue providing infrastructure development, job creation, education, healthcare, and more.