The Las Vegas Golden Knights Make a Serious Upgrade to Celebrate Their Stanley Cup Win

12 carats of natural diamonds to be exact.

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In an exclusive ceremony held at the Wynn Las Vegas on a Sunday evening, October 8th, the players, coaches, and operations staff of the Vegas Golden Knights were bestowed with their magnificent, diamond-clad Stanley Cup Championship rings. These epic treasures, a result of a new artistic partnership with jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills, transcend mere accessories, encapsulating the essence of the team’s unforgettable 2022-23 season. Seamlessly fusing the narratives of the season, the franchise’s storied history, and the vibrant spirit of Las Vegas, these diamond rings now stand as priceless commemorative artifacts. Not only will they adorn the hands of the Knights’ champions, but they’ll also make their way into the hearts of fans through an exciting line of retail items inspired by the ring’s design, available starting mid-October.

For decades, Stanley Cup Champions have received natural diamond rings to commemorate their winning seasons. However, to say this year’s ring is an upgrade would be an understatement. The attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into its creation are on a level few could even dream of. Boasting approximately 12 carats of natural white and yellow diamonds, the latter representing the Golden Knights’ name, it’s a dazzling spectacle. One of its most unique elements is a detachable top, which, when removed, reveals a stunning depiction of the team’s T-Mobile Arena home, complete with the iconic center ice logo as it appeared during the 2023 Stanley Cup Final. The path to victory is traced with stars, each one denoting a goal scored in the Cup-clinching Game 5. The detachable top also serves double duty and can be worn on a chain as a pendant.

Further enhancing the ring’s allure, the mottos “Vegas Born” and “Always Advance” grace its sides, artfully connected by the silhouette of the Las Vegas skyline. The back of the pendant carries the inspiring inscription, “It’s Knight Time,” while inside the band, the words “Cup in Six” pay homage to Owner Bill Foley’s audacious prediction at the inception of the Knights’ six-year-old expansion journey.

Sixteen stars on the ring’s face represent the team’s 16 playoff victories, while an impressive 67 natural white diamonds, set into the primary logo’s helmet, honor the combined wins in the regular season and playoffs. The inner bezel glistens with another 32 natural diamonds, signifying the NHL’s 32 teams.

The pinnacle of this piece of jewelry art is a diamond-encrusted Stanley Cup, with six stones surrounding it to mark the franchise’s six seasons. Shaped like a star, it resonates with the “Vegas Strong” banner, a poignant tribute to the victims of the October 1st massacre. Lastly, a total of 0.54 carats of diamonds set on the Stanley Cup commemorate the team’s 54 all-time playoff victories.

One of the few jewelers who could design and craft rings of this caliber, Jason of Beverly Hills, has a history of crafting custom one-of-a-kind natural diamond pieces for a clientele that includes pro athletes, celebrities, and royalty. Their foray into Championship Rings started in 2009 and has since been celebrated for reinvigorating the industry with its innovative designs, having previously collaborated with a slew of distinguished teams, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers, Chelsea FC, and the World Series Of Poker. Jason of Beverly Hills’s creation of the Vegas Golden Knights’ Stanley Cup ring adds hockey to its growing list of sports collaborations. 

Bill Foley, the team’s owner, remarked, “Knowing the track record of Jason of Beverly Hills, I was confident that they could create a ring as distinctive as our city and as spectacular as the season this team put together. It’s clear they exceeded expectations and created a design I am sure our players, staff, and fans will cherish.”

“We have a long history in Vegas, opening our first retail store in the Cosmopolitan in 2010,” said Jason Arasheben, CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills. “This is a beautiful new chapter for us in Vegas as we crafted our first Stanley Cup ring for the Vegas Golden Knights and established a stronghold on Vegas sports. We are excited to be a part of another winning moment in Vegas and are proud of the ring we’ve created.”

This collaboration with Jason of Beverly Hills promises to be the envy of championship rings. It’s a tribute to the spirit of Las Vegas and a reflection of the Golden Knights’ determination since they have firmly established themselves in the annals of North American professional sports, becoming the most successful expansion franchise in history during the 2017-18 season and conquering the Stanley Cup in 2022-23. Las Vegas, already a city of dreams, now has another symbol of triumph to add to its repertoire.