How NDC is Helping to Educate Consumers at Diamond Jewelry Retailers and Beyond

Third-party research reveals opportunity for better diamond education at retail stores.

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When shopping for an engagement ring, are you being informed of the benefits of buying a natural diamond? It turns out, according to a new study by CXG, a leader in the luxury consumer insights space, getting educated on the benefits of natural diamonds is essential to sales conversion.

Findings proved that 93% of customers were more inclined to make a purchase of natural diamond jewelry when they felt sufficiently educated on natural diamonds by a sales advisor. With this knowledge, the NDC sees a significant opportunity for a more comprehensive education on natural diamonds while shopping for them.

And that’s where the Natural Diamond Council comes in: Introducing our new Education Partner Program, which will offer educational tools to retailers and sales professionals to foster natural diamond knowledge leading to increased sales, launching on April 3rd.

The consumer will now be even better educated on some of the most major purchases they’ll ever make—natural diamonds to last generations.

This education goes beyond the 4Cs, into new territory that hasn’t necessarily been considered before: The positive socio-economic and environmental impact of natural diamonds. These lessons include the history of natural diamonds, the industry’s commitment to sustainability, the difference between natural and lab grown diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, and so much more.