Lily James Wears Natural Diamonds for Every Occasion in Newest To Treasure Now & Forever Campaign

Photography by Cass Bird

Lily James is dressed to the nines and decked out in natural diamonds in her latest campaign as the Natural Diamond Council’s Global Ambassador. From a glam night out to dressed down in diamonds, Lily sparkles and shines bright as her most authentic self, wearing pieces to treasure now and forever.

Life’s most brilliant moments deserve a dusting of natural diamonds, whether paired with casual streetwear, power tailoring, sophisticated evening wear, or full-blown glamour for a big night out, the campaign celebrates the versatility of natural diamonds.

The rarity of natural diamonds is celebrated as well, with Lily reflecting on her impactful time in Botswana where she was able to see a diamond’s journey, from deep within the earth to sitting on a gorgeous engagement ring setting. “After visiting Botswana and seeing the positive impact the diamond mining industry has on the surrounding communities and ecosystems, and learning about what goes into sustaining them, it made me want to be even more intentional with the diamond jewelry I wear,” shared the actress.

Photography by Cass Bird

Lily also reminisces on her first diamond jewelry gift in the new campaign and shares her experiences wearing incredible pieces on the red carpet.  “While my own approach to diamond jewelry is continually evolving, I love to go full out on the red carpet but also paring my diamond jewelry down and wearing it with jeans,” she says. “For me, wearing natural diamonds is about celebrating the sentiment behind who gave me the diamonds and the special moment I think of when I wear them. It was so special to launch my NDC ambassadorship with the To Treasure Now and Forever campaign in my hometown of London. Now, to have the chance to shoot this new campaign in New York City, my home away from home, is a dream come true.”

Lily and the NDC worked with her longtime glam squad, stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray, makeup artist Valeria Ferreira, and hairstylist Halley Brisker, along with photographer Cass Bird to create stunning visuals for the campaign.

Lily’s diamond-dripping ensembles will inspire not only your next elegant or cocktail look but every other outfit in between. Channel your most confident self in stylish and sophisticated natural diamonds, just like Global Ambassador Lily James.