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Emerging Designer Diamond Initiative 2021 Collection

Emerging Designer Diamond Initiative 2021 Collection

Each designer in the Emerging Designer Diamond Initiative (EDDI) was selected by Lorraine Schwartz, stylist and designer, Jason Rembert, fashion director of Vanity Fair, Nicole Chapoteau and Natural Diamond Council CEO, David Kellie.  Participating designers in the EDDI program have received mentorship from industry leaders, participated in education seminars and learned how to incorporate diamonds into their collections and will continue to work with NDC on their designs.

Entering the fine jewelry industry can be a challenge for a new designer, especially those without a previous history with suppliers and industry references. The EDDI program aims to expand the number of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) diamond jewelry businesses and help those already established to grow.

The forthcoming collections celebrate the uniqueness of natural diamonds through each designer’s individual vision and aesthetic.  Inspired by what is often overlooked, the California desert, Samoan culture and self-determination, among other themes, the beauty of diamonds and each designers’ talent shines in every piece.


Marvin Douglas Jewelry

Marvin Linares

Marvin Linares was introduced to jewelry by his grandmother who stumbled across the industry in the 80’s, and through the business was able to bring his family to the United States from El Salvador. Marvin gained specific training by working in sales for Tiffany & Co. and as a Jewelry Specialist for Dover Street Market Los Angeles but most experience has been gained through his persistence to learn backed by his curiosity and creative nature.

His collection’s intention is simple – to explore Latin heritage and experience through fine jewelry, with designs intended to combine a youthful spirit with traditional craftsmanship.

About the collection:

“The irony of dismantling an aged object in order to discover newness within was inspiration for this collection by taking traditional silhouettes and combining them with modern craftsmanship. Using brown, yellow, and white diamonds reminiscent of desert tones, and nugget prints resembling the character years of wear have left behind in the Mayan ruins that run through Central America. This collection embodies home and heritage for Marvin Douglas.” – Marvin Linares



Made by Malyia

Malyia McNaughton

Malyia McNaughton founded Made by Malyia in 2014. The collection began with a search for the perfect body chain for a music festival. Malyia instead designed her own. Due to overwhelming requests from friends and strangers interested in her design, she began selling them on Etsy. She realized she had discovered her true passion and quit her fashion buying job to pursue her dream full time. Malyia draws inspiration from the architecture and pulse of New York City, African culture, indigenous tribal adornment, and nature.

Malyia is based in Brooklyn, NY and serves on Black in Jewelry Coalition board of directors, the first international non-profit membership association dedicated to the inclusion and advancement of Black professionals within the gem, jewelry, and watch industry.

About the collection:

“The collection was inspired by water, specifically the ocean waves, and nature. The pieces feature elements similar to the way water changes shape as it moves through the world and are designed to show the connection between us and nature. Ever changing and fluid.” – Malyia McNaughton



Dorian Webb

Dorian Webb

Dorian Webb’s design journey began when she was inspired by Venetian glassblowing while studying architecture at Yale. She created a jewelry collection using Murano glass and semiprecious gems and has since expanded the range. Neiman Marcus has carried her designs along with retailers in the U.S., Canada and Japan. Dorian has garnered awards including The NY International Gift Fair’s Artisan’s Award, the Madam CJ Walker Entrepreneur Award and as a finalist in THENEXTNOW competition for emerging jewelry designers.

Dorian lives in Oakland, CA where she contributes to her community as an entrepreneur and activist. She launched Uplift, creating pop-up stores in empty spaces for African American businesses, and writes for a regional magazine.

About the collection:

“Celebrating women, African-American culture and the beauty of connection, Dorian Webb’s first diamond collection is designed with intention. Employing recycled 18k gold and featuring compositions that encourage moments of reflection and spark conversation, each piece thoughtfully highlights and centers what is often overlooked.” – Dorian Webb



Birthright Foundry

Constance Polamalu

Founder/CEO of Birthright Foundry, Constance Polamalu is an American Samoan woman and first-generation jewelry designer based in Annapolis, Maryland.  As a new mother ignited by the turmoil of 2020, she founded a jewelry brand dedicated to preserving and resurrecting culturally significant stories.  She also serves as Zachary’s Jewelers’ Chief Operating Officer.

About the collection:

“Conceptually, Birthright Foundry is inspired by my motherhood journey and the need to preserve culture for my family in uncertain times. In my inaugural collection, I am inspired by this desire to connect with my heritage and bring where I came from into who I am today. 

The Ula Nifo which takes center stage in this first collection is a modern interpretation of an ancient ceremonial necklace. Traditionally made of whale teeth, the Ula Nifo represents familial wealth which is at the core of Birthright Foundry’s mission to create lasting representation in a luxury space.” – Constance Polamalu




Jameel Mohammed

Jameel Mohammed began a career in design at age 16, interning for Nicole Miller, and Narciso Rodriguez.  When a necklace he designed caught the eye of the COO and Fashion Director of Barneys New York in 2014, he decided to focus on jewelry design. In 2016 he founded KHIRY, an Afrofuturist Luxury Brand of  polished and sculptural demi-fine jewelry.

About the collection:

“Our collection, ‘Fights Flights and Fantasies (go but so far)’ takes inspiration from a years-long undertaking to assess the utility and futility of the various forms of escapism that recur in historical and contemporary struggles for Black liberation and self determination.” – Jameel Mohammed




Lisette Scott

With immigrant grandparents from the islands of Jamaica and Puerto Rico, Lisette Scott was always curious about their upbringing and traditions that were formed from their homeland. The colors, carnivals, art, beaches and language all inspired Lisette and she created Jam+Rico (Jamaica and Puerto Rico) to dive deeper into her love of designing and the Caribbean.

About the collection:

“Our collection is inspired by the island of Puerto Rico. As we traveled across the island, we were surrounded by the trees, ocean and culture. The palm and banana trees swayed in the breeze while the rhythm of the island transported me to a place of bliss. The shapes of nature is what allowed me to create this collection.” – Lisette Scott




For more information on the Emerging Designer Diamond Initiative collection and program, please contact Sustainability Marketing Consultant Tara Levy by email ( or phone (323-573-0693).

Read more about the EDDI program here.