The Dreamy Allure of Kite-Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

This unique cut will make your engagement ring stand out from the crowd.

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Kite-shaped diamonds are a perfect choice for brides looking for an unusual fancy-shaped diamond engagement ring. As their name suggests, these diamonds look like a traditional kite flying high in the sky. They usually have four straight edges: two short and two long. But kite-shaped diamonds can vary dramatically depending on the cut. Elongated kite diamonds might look a bit like shield-cut diamonds while others look exactly like a kite we might have flown during childhood. Some are more symmetrical, and others have a more diamond shape.. This geometric diamond cut is relatively flat and can appear larger than its carat weight due to its elongated shape that covers more of the finger, so it’s great for brides looking for a larger appearance but on a budget.

Rachel Boston, a London-based jewelry designer, loves working with this unique shape. “The appeal of kite diamonds is two-fold for me. I like that they’re quite an uncommon and unique shape. It’s always fun and stimulating to work on designs that already have the point of difference that a truly unusual diamond shape brings to the table,” she tells us. “The second is that they are actually quite versatile. They have a graphic quality that lends itself really well for use as side stones, as well as being an original choice for something more classic like a solitaire or a flush-set signet. Its elongated shape also means it’s a great contender for more graphic band styles, like double or asymmetrical bands. It’s a shape that works really effortlessly in a variety of designs.”

Since kite-shaped diamonds are uncommon, you might not find the piece you are looking for in a jewelry store. However, many jewelry designers create bespoke engagement rings and can source kite-shaped diamonds for you. So, if you love a particular designer’s style but don’t see kites in their repertoire, don’t hesitate to reach out to see if they can create the bespoke kite-shaped engagement ring of your dreams.

Eva Fehren

kite shaped diamond engagement ring
kite shaped diamond engagement ring

Eva Fehren is known for her frequent use of unique fancy-shaped diamonds, so it’s no surprise that she makes beautiful kite-shaped engagement rings. The Pink Warrior features an elongated kite-shaped diamond on a white pavé diamond band. The diamond is 2.51 carats, and a fancy brownish-pink color, which is accented by the warm 18K rose gold setting. Two rows of diamonds surround the sides of the setting beneath the diamond so it sparkles from all angles. The diamond is secured by curved rose gold prongs that look like claws from above.

Rachel Boston

kite shaped diamond engagement ring

Salt-and-pepper diamonds make a kite engagement ring even more unusual. Rachel Boston specializes in this rare combination, sourcing a huge range of kite-shaped diamonds for her bespoke engagement rings. Due to the naturally occurring salt and pepper markings, each one is truly one of a kind. The X-Maat ring features a .46-carat kite-shaped diamond with a pavé white diamond band in an 18K white gold setting. Boston crafts her rings with or without a halo of diamonds surrounding the center stone. If you’re looking for a larger look, opt for the halo.

Sycamore Studio by
Greenwich St. Jewelers

kite shaped diamond engagement ring

We love the ethereal beauty of this salt-and-pepper diamond in the Livingston 1.25ct Kite Diamond Engagement Ring by Sycamore Studio, available at Greenwich St. Jewelers. The “pepper” inside the stones gives it a look reminiscent of clouds in the sky, an appropriate aesthetic for a kite-shaped diamond. The 1.25-carat diamond is set in 14K recycled yellow gold, and the claw-shaped prongs nicely accent the diamond’s unique color. The band is set with .20 carats of round brilliant-cut diamonds.

Ashley Zhang

kite shaped diamond engagement ring
kite shaped diamond engagement ring

This very unique three-stone ring from Ashley Zhang pairs two unique cuts: lozenge and kites. It has a 1.02-carat step-cut center stone flanked by two kite-shaped diamond accents. The geometric combination is quite graphic. The three diamonds have minimal metal settings, so they almost appear to be floating. The step cuts of the central stone also let you see straight through the diamond, giving it an even more airy appearance. The glittering kite-shaped accent stones add sparkle on both sides.

Jemma Wynne

kite shaped diamond engagement ring

Jemma Wynne is known for its stunning open rings that pair different diamonds. They might have different cuts, pair a fancy-colored diamond with a white diamond, or be set in different orientations. Here, two kite-shaped diamonds fly in opposite directions. Both are bezel-set in warm yellow gold, which gives the ring a balanced look despite the different orientations of the diamonds. The gorgeous ring has 1.5 carats of diamonds.