9 Designers Who Have Perfected Rose-Cut Natural Diamond Engagement Rings

These designers know how to do rose-cuts.

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With its delicate sparkle and vintage feel, perhaps no natural diamond cut is as romantic as the rose-cut diamond. Rose-cut engagement rings are popular with brides who love antique and vintage-inspired jewelry or who prefer a softer, more subtle sparkle.

Rose-cut diamonds are one of the oldest natural diamond cuts — they date back to the 16th century. Museum exhibits and auction sales of vintage jewelry are full of stunning rose-cut diamonds, especially in the Victorian and Georgian eras. These diamonds typically have flat bases and gently domed tops covered with triangular facets. These facets fan out over the top of the diamond, like unfurling rose petals, which give the diamond cut its name. 

Unlike most modern cuts, there’s not a specific formula or number of facets required in a rose-cut diamond, so each one is unique. Rose-cut diamonds can come in all different shapes, from classic round, oval, and pear cuts to irregular triangles and kite shapes.

Rose-cut diamonds have a more subtle and understated sparkle than many modern cuts due to their unique shape. Their sparkle could be described more as the warm glow of candlelight instead of the brightness of an incandescent light bulb. While they might have less sparkle, rose-cut diamonds can appear larger than modern cuts with the same carat weight. This is because rose-cut diamonds don’t have a deep pavilion and have a more flat shape.

Because rose-cut engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes, it’s a great cut for someone looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. Designers use them in everything from simple, modern settings to ornate masterpieces. Here is our selection of nine beautiful rose-cut engagement rings from today’s top designers.

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1. Grace Lee

Grace Lee is known for her use of rose-cut diamonds in her jewelry. She employs different diamond shapes and modern settings to highlight the unique natural beauty of rose-cut diamonds. In her minimalist designs, they look fresh and modern. The East-West Oval Rose-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring is a perfect example. She uses the modern East-West setting in a sleek 14K rose gold bezel setting on a simple tube band. We love the contrast of the antique diamond cut with the sophisticated, minimalist setting.

2. Single Stone

single stone engagement ring

The Single Stone Diamond Wyler Rose-Cut Engagement Ring from Greenwich St Jewelers highlights the vintage feel of rose-cut diamonds with its vintage-inspired design. It features a 1.43-carat rose-cut diamond with .29 carats of Old European-cut diamonds on the shank. The central stone is a very light green-yellow color, which is accented by the 18K yellow gold bezel setting. Single Stone handcrafts all of its jewelry in Los Angeles, using antique or responsibly-sourced diamonds and recycled metal to create modern heirlooms with vintage designs.

3. Eva Fehren

While many rose-cut engagement rings feature romantic, feminine designs, Eva Fehren brings some dark, New York City glamour to the cut in her Nirvana Eclat ring. The ring features a 1.00-carat oval rose-cut white diamond set in blackened platinum. The blackened metal and the sharp, clawlike prongs are accented by more white diamonds on the setting. There are inverted white diamonds on the bezel and traditional brilliant-cut diamonds along the shank. The spiky appearance of the inverted diamonds contrasts with the gentle curves of the rose-cut center stone.

4. Sanjay Kasliwal

Rose-cut diamonds are very popular in Indian jewelry, so it’s no surprise that Sanjay Kasliwal uses plenty of rose-cut diamonds in its jewelry. The New York- and Jaipur-based jeweler combines both aesthetics in its pieces. The Shoba Diamond Band is the perfect engagement ring for a bride who doesn’t want a center stone. It features 2.29 carats of rose-cut diamonds set at different angles for a modern interpretation of an eternity band.

5. Kwiat

kwiat rose-cut diamond engagement ring

Kwiat shows the glamorous side of rose-cut diamonds in this stunning ring. It features a 1.39-carat rose-cut center stone surrounded by round diamonds in a floral-inspired platinum setting. The contrast between the rose-cut diamond and round diamonds is striking and truly highlights the unique beauty of the antique cut.

6. Ashley Zhang

Ashley Zhang adds a slight modern twist to a classic setting in this beautiful rose-cut engagement ring. Instead of a traditional diamond halo that encircles the center stone, this setting swirls around the rose-cut diamond in an asymmetrical design. It has .24 carats of diamond accents that surround a gorgeous 2.12-carat rose-cut diamond. The warmth of the 14K rose-gold setting adds to the diamonds’ beauty.

7. Erstwhile

This unique Black Rose ring from Erstwhile is perfect for non-traditional brides. It features a rose-inspired setting in 18K black-rhodium-plated gold. Instead of a traditional bezel or four prongs securing the 1.09-carat rose-cut diamond, the designers used organic-shaped prongs to encircle the diamond. It features diamond accents on the side and is handcrafted in New York City.

8. Arman Sarkisyan

While the design might look like a flower at first glance, Arman Sarkisyan had a rather unusual inspiration for this rose-cut engagement ring: a cupcake. The Cupcake ring features 1.51 carats of diamonds, including nine rose-cut diamonds and a smattering of round diamonds between them. The diamonds are set in oxidized silver, which contrasts with a 22K yellow gold band.

9. Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche Rose-cut diamond ring

While many designers like to contrast rose-cut engagement rings to those with modern cuts, this sweet ring from Jacquie Aiche features three rose-cut diamonds: a center teardrop-shaped diamond accented by two round rose-cut diamonds. The natural diamonds have a unique setting that blends the look of prongs and bezel settings. Each ring is made to order and is available in 14K rose, white, or yellow gold.