The Atlanta Braves World Series Ring Features LED Lights and 755 Diamonds

The Championship Ring tells a story with diamonds, rubies and a single pearl.

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It’s been five months since the Atlanta Braves won their historic 2021 World Series Championship against the Houston Astros, and we’re finally getting a closer look at the spectacular World Series Ring.

Photo Credit: and Jostens
Photo Credit: and Jostens

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The 2021 World Series ring, designed by Jostens, was just recently unveiled during a season opening on-field ceremony. And its innovative details highlighting the Braves’ victory and franchise history were certainly worth the wait.

“The 2021 World Series Ring is truly a feat of jewelry engineering and detailed storytelling; it is a stunning tribute to the Braves and their unwavering commitment to excellence this season,” said Chris Poitras, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Jostens Professional Sports Division, in an official statement. “Jostens is honored to present the Braves with their World Series ring, which has a never-before-seen feature that will become a part of championship ring history.”

The ring is made using 14 karat yellow gold and 18.71 karat white gold, and features 755 round, emerald and princess cut diamonds, plus 19 rubies and one white pearl on the right side of the ring within the Commissioner’s Trophy. The symbolic pearl is a reference to the pearl necklace former Braves player Joc Pederson would wear on the field. At the base of the trophy lie four round diamonds that celebrate Atlanta’s 4th straight NL East Championship.

Other standout features of the Atlanta Braves World Series Championship ring include:

  • 150 natural diamonds within the “A” logo in honor of the Braves’ 150 year history on the ring top.
  • The words “World Champions” are set with 113 diamonds on the ring top.
  • Also on the top of the ring are 44 emerald cut diamonds honoring Braves icon Hank Aaron’s jersey number.
  • A removal ring top that, when opened, reveals micro-LED lights illuminating a miniature version of the team’s Truist Park baseball stadium.
  • Players’ individual jersey numbers are set in diamonds on the left side of the ring.
  • A baseball diamond features three princess cut diamonds set in first, second and third base, with an additional 16 round diamonds set in the base paths on the right side of the ring.
  • 23 diamonds are on the right side of the ring, symbolizing the 23 home runs hit in the 2021 post-season.
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Fans can buy replicas of the ring featuring 221 round diamonds and three princess cut diamonds for $25,000.

In addition to the ring, the Braves are believed to be the first organization to gift the winning players personalized NFTs created using the Jostens design, built and rendered in 3D by Threedium and minted and distributed by Candy Digital. A remarkable ring for a remarkable team!