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Los Angeles Dodgers 2020 World Series Ring Features 232 Diamonds

The 11-carat ring has round diamonds, princess cut diamonds, and gorgeous sapphires.

Los Angeles Dodgers 2020 World Series Diamond Ring
Los Angeles Dodgers 2020 World Series Championship Diamond and Sapphire Ring

The Los Angeles Dodgers may have won their historic World Series title in 2020, but we are finally getting a first look at their World Series Championship ring from Jostens complete with glittering diamonds and stunning sapphires.

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If you’re thinking the ring looks heavy, you’d be right! Weighing in at 11-carats total, the championship ring feature 222 round diamonds, 10 princess cut diamonds, 45 custom cut genuine sapphires, and 8 round genuine sapphires. 

Each diamond and sapphire was placed deliberately throughout the ring to represent different wins and achievements made by the L.A. Dodgers throughout the season and the blue and white color scheme was inspired by the Dodger’s team colors, also blue and white.

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The ring itself is set in 14-carat white and yellow gold, with a custom design for each player. “This ring captures the immeasurable dedication and painstaking work that it take to become world champions,” says a Dodgers spokesperson.

Ring Top

Now, let’s get into the details. The ring top features the instantly recognizable “LA” logo using 17 custom cut sapphires, set on top of a brilliant baseball diamond—not the gemstone, the literal shape of the baseball field. The logo is surrounded by the Dodger’s well-deserved title, “World Champions.”

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Right Side
Left Side

 “LOS ANGELES” is engraved into the right side of the ring above the championship year date, 2020, set in 26 diamonds. Below that, in a contrasting yellow gold, is the famous Commissioner’s Trophy, which you probably recognize being held high during the team’s celebrations last year. The trophy is accented with a single round diamond.

The trophy is flanked by 4 round sapphires on each side to represent the eight National League Western Division titles currently held by the Dodgers. NL West is also engraved below the sapphires and above two palm trees, representing the city of Los Angeles. 

The other side of the ring gets personal, featuring each players name and jersey number, all set in diamonds. 

Engraved inside of the ring is the “LA” logo, crafted in blue enamel, which is surrounded by the logos and series results of the teams defeated by the Dodgers on their way to World Series victory. 


Each player’s individual ring also has their signature engraved on the inside for another personalized touch.

All in all, we’d say this is a pretty good personal trophy for each of the players to have for their rest of their lives, reminding them of their achievements in a year that was tough for so many. Through it all, we still held on to one of the country’s greatest traditions, and America’s favorite pastime: The great game of baseball.

Jostens didn’t leave out the Dodgers Nation! Dodger die-hards can buy limited-edition replica fan rings boasting diamonds and sapphires to commemorate the historic win.