30+ Natural Diamond Jewels for Every Taylor Swift Era

Butterflies, yellow diamonds to capture the spirit of “Fearless,”
and of course a bejeweled friendship bracelet.

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Attempting to capture the essence of all 10 of Taylor Swift’s Eras, from Debut to her newly released album, The Tortured Poets Department, can be a daunting task, even for a bonafide Swiftie of 15 years like myself. But, I feel it is my duty, as a lover of jewelry and natural diamonds to present you with the best diamond jewelry pieces for each of Taylor Swift’s eras.

Now, these diamond jewelry pieces, from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings, encapsulate the overall vibe and feel of the Era and pay homage to specific lyrics and messages that stand out in some of her songs. Think purple enamel to represent Speak Now and a literal traffic light necklace in reference to the oft-quoted and meme’d lyric, “I ask the traffic lights if it will be alright, they say ‘I don’t know.’”

As Swifties around the country tune Into The Eras Tour movie or start their 2 hour+ long stream of The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology, I encourage them all to lean into themed outfits for the occasion, and this certainly includes bejeweling yourself with diamond baubles. After all, it was Taylor Swift herself who sang, “Best believe I’m still bejeweled when I walk in the room I can still make the whole place shimmer.”

Ahead, discover the perfect curation of jewelry for each one of Taylor Swift’s Eras, and get ready to walk into that movie theater absolutely shimmering!

Debut/Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s self-titled debut album conjures up images of dainty butterflies, gentle acoustic guitar strums, and beat-up cowboy boots. With hits like “Teardrops on My Guitar” and “Tim McGraw,” Taylor proved herself to be a name to remember, as her songs made their way up the radio charts, both country and pop. Taylor was just 16 years old when the album came out and the below jewelry aesthetic feels *very* Taylor-at-16 coded. From cowboy boot studs to butterfly charms, channel your inner curly-haired teenage Blondie with these natural diamond pieces.

Van Cleef & Arpels Two Butterfly Pendant, $15,700, vancleefarpels.com

Adina Reyter Baguette Horseshoe Signet Ring, $1,589, adinareyter.com

Jacquie Aiche Small Butterfly Gold Diamond Ring, $5,940, jacquieaiche.com

Bernard James Pave Flora Daisy Ring, $2,950, modaoperandi.com

Sydney Evan Cowboy Boot Stud, $485, sydneyevan.com


When Taylor threw up her signature heart hands during the Fearless set at The Eras tour, the nostalgia was palpable, transporting elder Swifties back to Fifteen. Producing a stellar sophomore album is no easy feat for any artist, but Taylor’s second album Fearless certainly delivered—and won four Grammy Awards in the process, including Album of the Year. Yellow is the unofficial color of this album, so of course, plenty of yellow diamond pieces are included below along with daisies, a recurring theme in Taylor Swift-lore, perfectly represented with Sydney Evans’ tiny bangle.

Tiffany & Co Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendant with yellow diamonds, $2,150, tiffany.com

Anthony Lent Adorned Hands Diamond Heart Ring, $12,600, catbirdnyc.com

Sorellina Guitar Pick Earrings, $4,400, sorellinanyc.com

Sydney Evan Gold and Diamond Tiny Daisy Bangle, $3,995, sydneyevan.com

1st Dibs Yellow Diamond Studs, $5,280, 1stdibs.com

Speak Now

The only TS album fully written by Taylor herself, Speak Now was the soundtrack of my senior year, played on repeat to and from school, friend’s houses, and dance practice. If music could have color, Speak Now’s would be purple, as evidenced by Taylor’s sparkling purple dress on the album cover. Jewels for this album are of course purple themed as well, plus a pair of earrings that I’m certain were named after one of my favorite songs on the album, “Sparks Fly.”

Boochier Lilac Fruit Hoops Diamond Bangle, $10,300, boochier.com

Emily P. Wheeler Dress Up Amethyst and Diamond Stud Earrings, $4,200, saksfifthavenue.com

L’Atelier Nawbar The Cobald Diamond and Purple Enamel Necklace, $3,600, modaoperandi.com

Suzanne Kalan Classic Diamond Spark Studs, $3,400, suzannekalan.com

Razny Diamond Outlined Purple Enamel Star Necklace, $795, razy.com


The percussion beats on the opening track Taylor Swift’s Red is my favorite opening out of all the albums. “State of Grace” is a classic deep cut and Jade Ruzzo’s drum head ring perfectly matches the vibe. Incorporating red hues is essential to capturing the essence of this album, along with Jennifer Meyer’s leaf studs, like the “autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place,” Taylor croons about in her masterpiece single, “All Too Well,” the regular and ten-minute version.

Alexis Jae Diamond and Red String Bracelet, $220, alexisjae.com

Chopard Happy Hearts Bangle, 44,220, saksfifthavenue.com

Jade Ruzzo Drum Head Ring, $12,800, jaderuzzo.com

Jennifer Meyer Mini Diamond Leaf Studs, $1,250, jennifermeyer.com

Sydney Evan Red Lip and Diamond Pendant, $495, saksfifthavenue.com


Taylor’s opening remarks from her 1989 stadium tour in 2015, “My name is Taylor and I was born in 1989!” lives rent-free in my head. And who could forget the succession of bright blue outfits Taylor wore on the Eras tour date when she announced 1989 (TV)? Represented here by Melissa Kaye’s pastel blue enamel and diamond bracelet. Seagulls and paper airplanes, two very important motifs from this era are represented below, along with a pendant of the NYC skyline, in honor of “Welcome to New York,” 1989’s opening track.

Segal Jewelry Paper Airplane Diamond Necklace, $2,972, segaljewellery.com

Melissa Kaye Pastel Blue Enamel Ada Bracelet, $11,950, melissakaye.com

Seagull Stud Earrings, $395, etsy.com

EF Collection Custom Date Necklace, $1,345, efcollection.com

David Yurman DY Elements City Pendant, $1,250, davidyurman.com


Taylor Swift’s comeback album, Reputation allowed her to reclaim her “snake” status, leaning into the motif for the album’s aesthetic. Slithering snakes, all-black ensembles and a new sound made Reputation one of her more polarizing albums for long-time fans but also brought in a new group of listeners who saw this “give no effs” vibe and said, “Yes, please.” Edgy details like black diamonds from Ileana Makri and dagger-like designs from Eva Fehren and Maria Tash match the punk attitude of the album, although, at the end of the day, I like to think of Reputation as a love album… have you really listened to the lyrics of “Delicate”?

Anita Ko Snake Coil Bracelet, $11,300, anitako.com

Bulgari Serpenti Viper Necklace, bulgari.com

Eva Fehren Diamond Dagger Hoop Earrings, $4,950, evafehren.com

Ileana Makri Python Ring, €3,250, ileanamakri.com

Maria Tash Black and White Diamond Hoop Earring, from $1,250, mariatash.com


Released right before the pandemic, Lover is often slept on, with the cancelation of Lovefest 2020, and the release of the masterpiece that is Folklore less than a year later… but more on that in a minute. Lover’s aesthetic is romance, rainbows, and butterflies, and plenty of natural diamond pieces from Gemella, DeBeers, and Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry fit the vibe. Getting more literal with the lyrics, we have a traffic light necklace (“they say, ‘I don’t know’”) and a bow and arrow pendant from Monica Rich Kosann, representing her honest lyricism on “The Archer.”

Traffic Light Layered Diamond Necklace, $1,439, etsy.com

Gemella Sweetheart Studs, $2,900, gemellajewels.com

De Beers Portraits of Nature Butterfly Bracelet, $2,400, debeers.com

Monica Rich Kosann Mini Apollo Charm, from $970, monicarichkosann.com

Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry Pavé Rainbow Heart Necklace, $648, stephaniegottlieb.com


The album that got us all up in our feels during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Folklore was a cultural reset and showcased Taylor’s storytelling ability through song. The teenage love triangle is represented by Icebox’s skateboard pendant—“Betty one time I was riding on my skateboard when I passed your house”—and Pomellato’s diamond and peridot ring, August’s birthstone. Tears ricochet in Pamela Love’s crying eye stud, The Last Line’s pave sphere necklace conjures up images of a shimmering beautiful mirrorball, and lariat from The Clear Cut is a perfect representation of the invisible string tying you to me.

The Clear Cut Diamond Pear Drop Lariat, $795, theclearcut.co

Icebox Skateboard Diamond Pendant, $825, icebox.com

Pamela Love Crying Eye Single Stud, $445, greenwichstjewelers.com

Pomellato M’Ama Non M’Ama Ring, $2,000, pomellato.com

The Last Line Pavé Sphere Necklace, $955, thisisthelast.com


Folklore’s sister album continued Taylor’s storytelling theme in songs like “Ivy” and “Champagne Problems” and we have the natural diamond pieces to match. Celebrate the damn season with a pair of earrings resembling a Christmas morning gift box. Mimi So’s Twig eternity band captures the woodsy vibe of the album and gold nuggets circa 1870s in The Moonstoned’s ring is a literal interpretation of the song, “Gold Rush.”

The Moonstoned Gold Rush Ring, $5,280, themoonstoned.com

Tiffany & Co Diamond Vine Climber Earrings, $5,500, tiffanyandco.com

Sotheby’s Gift Box Earrings, $4,770 sothebys.com

Nada Ghazal Champagne Diamond Urban Winter Cuff, $9,195, greenwichstjewelers.com

Mimi So Wonderland Twig Diamond Eternity Ring, $2,700, mimiso.com


Meet me at midnight and make sure you’re absolutely bejeweled! Taylor’s latest album is what pop record dreams are made of with songs full of synth beats, poignant metaphors and entertaining music videos. Stone and Strand’s Ghosted Ring pays tribute to the ghosts in the “Anti-Hero” music video and Kwiat’s line necklace resembles the one worn by Taylor herself in the “Bejeweled” music video. Starry pieces fit the aesthetic Taylor touted leading up to the album drop and Retrouvai’s Domino pendant may not be cascading in a line, but it can make you feel like a TS-lore mastermind. And of course, we have an elevated friendship bracelet, one you probably won’t want to trade at the concert.

Stone and Strand Ghosted Ring, $360, stoneandstrand.com

SHAY Jewelry Diamond Pavé Friendship Bracelet, $11,080, shayjewelry.com

Retrouvai Petite Domino Pendant, $2,420, retrouvai.com

Kwait Line Necklace with Emerald Cut Diamonds, $48,000, kwait.com

Robinson Pelham Small Vega Star Earrings, £2,320, robinsonpelham.com

The Tortured Poets Department

Taylor’s latest installment—a surprise double album!— was announced at the 2024 Grammy Awards as she accepted the award for Pop Vocal Album and dropped just two months later. Part confessional-part autobiography, this album is hitting Swifties in the feels as they try to decode the lyrics of all 31 songs. Romantic and poetic with a black-and-white aesthetic, the jewelry of this album reflects that vibe through vintage styles and opulent designs. Actual antique pieces from Lang Antiques and Fred Leighton paired with vintage techniques like Jessica McCormack’s signature blackened gold settings against antique cut natural diamonds.

Jessica McCormack, Signature Georgian Cut-Down 0.50ct Heart Shaped Diamond and Blackened Gold Pendant, £5,000,

Sethi Couture True Romance 5 Stone Green Diamond Ring, $3,410, sethicouture.com

Marlo Laz Spiked Heart Pavé Charm, $10,800, marlolaz.com

Jenna Blake Blackened Diamond Fringe, $29,600, jennablake.com

Fred Leighton Signed Rose Cut Diamond Narrow Pave Bangle, $17,500, fredleighton.com

Victorian Diamond Petal Necklace, $12,950, langantiques.com

Jacquie Aiche Black Rhodium Diamond Braclet, $3,185, jacquieaiche.com

Anita Ko Bezeled Heart Diamond Demi Eternity Band, $9,450, anitako.com

Victorian Diamond Dangle Earrings, $9,850, langantiques.com