Meet the Spencer Twins: A Look Into Lady Eliza and Lady Amelia’s Love for Diamonds and Most Cherished Memories

Princess Diana’s twin nieces talk diamonds and their incredible bond.

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Make no mistake, sisters Amelia and Eliza Spencer are even more captivating in person than they are in their pictures. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and killer smiles, they will stop anyone in their tracks, just like their aunt Princess Diana. However, they seem to be completely unaware of the sheer power of their presence, trying to pass the credit onto the striking Chopard diamond jewelry they are wearing. As glamorous as they are, the Spencer twins are warm and welcoming and have a natural ability to make you feel at ease. That could be down to their relaxed upbringing in South Africa, and having recently moved to London, you can tell they’re just two sisters grateful for the experiences they’re having, full of excitement to see where life takes them next. But there’s one thing that stands out clear as day—they’re happy to be on the journey together. The duo are two peas in a pod, completing each others sentences, extremely supportive of one another. It’s a thing of beauty to witness. 

While getting ready for the prestigious Leopard Awards hosted at London’s Goldsmiths’ Hall, in an interview with the Natural Diamond Council, the Spencer twins share their love and appreciation for diamonds (and one another), why they’ve picked Chopard jewelry to wear, and what their most cherished pieces in their jewelry collections are.

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spencer twins eliza amelia spencer
Lady Eliza and Lady Amelia Spencer

It’s such a pleasure to meet you both. How are you settling into London life? It seems like you ladies are off to a great start!

Amelia Spencer: Even though it’s a very different world to our lives growing up in South Africa we have always been used to coming here for family holidays, so it’s not too much of a shock. London has so much to offer and we’re both open and ready for new experiences. It’s really just the start for us.

Eliza Spencer: It’s all very new and exciting. We feel so lucky to be on the journey we’re on, the opportunities we’ve been presented with, and all the amazing people we’ve met so far. It’s been incredible.

You both look stunning this evening, I can’t stop staring at all the diamonds you’re wearing!

AS: We’re so fortunate that Chopard lent us their jewelry for the Leopard Awards. They’ve got the most beautiful jewelry in the world. We were able to select and style the pieces in our own way. There’s so much enjoyment in being able to dress up for an event, especially one that creates awareness for ethically sourced diamonds.

spencer twins eliza amelia spencer
spencer twins eliza amelia spencer chopard diamond jewerly

Has being raised in South Africa shaped or influenced your relationship with diamonds?

ES: In South Africa we always had a heightened awareness of ethically sourced diamonds, but we didn’t wear much jewelry growing up. Only upon moving to London were we really exposed to wearing diamonds and jewelry regularly. I think that’s why we have a natural affinity to Chopard. Since starting their sustainability journey, they really have just gone from strength to strength.

What are some of your first memories around diamonds?

AS: I would say watching our mother get ready for special occasions.

ES: Her jewelry had so much sentimental value to her, so whenever the diamonds came out, it was an indication that wherever she was going must be special. 

I love how diamonds and jewelry are able to recall memories. Do you remember the first piece of diamond jewelry you bought?

ES: The first diamond jewelry piece I bought was for Amelia for our 21st birthday.

AS: We bought each other these classic, elegant, diamond stud earrings. We always get each other the same thing for our birthday, it’s a bit of a tradition we do every year.

That’s such a beautiful tradition. Do you still wear your diamond studs?

AS: They’re our go-to pieces.

ES: They’re so easy, you can wear them in the day or night, and the sentimental value is so special to us.

Do you both have the same taste and style when it comes to jewelry?

AS: I think we both love elegant, classic pieces

ES: We’re very similar in the way we style our pieces. I’m particularly drawn to hearts and flowers, they’re symbols that are quite classic and have stood the test of time.

AS: It’s funny, in the case of jewellery we both tend to buy the same pieces. We should probably branch out so we can share more pieces!

What makes you gravitate towards diamond jewelry? What do diamonds represent to you?

AS: Diamonds through my lens can be very youthful. They’re so versatile…

ES: I see them as elegant, powerful and strong.

AS: To me they really do represent love and commitment… 

ES: And romance!

What’s your most treasured piece in your jewelry collection?

AS: That’s easy, my engagement ring.

Can you share your story with us?

AS: Of course! I’ve been with my now fiancé for almost 13 years. In July 2020 he proposed after 11 years of being together. We were staying at a favorite place of ours that we would frequent for anniversaries and special occasions. We were there for a couple of days and he proposed on night one with a box that had loads of little boxes inside with all our favorite memories— a picture of our first Valentine’s, our first dance, our first date, all these moments we had captured over the years. Each box had a little note that would say ‘I remember when…’ recalling all our special memories. And the final box had a little note that said ‘but most of all I’ll always remember tonight because it’s the night we got engaged’. When I looked up, he was on one knee. I was so shocked, I had no idea! It was such a beautiful moment.

Eliza, did he ask you for help on picking the ring?

ES: No he didn’t, he told me what he was going to do, but after 11 years of being with Amelia he had a pretty good idea of what she wanted.

AS: It was my dream ring, but to be honest I would’ve been happy with whatever he would have given me!

What about you Eliza, what’s your most treasured piece?

ES: My partner, who I’ve been with for almost six years now, gave me a heart diamond necklace on our first anniversary. I wear it every single day. Of course I’ve taken it off right now but I rarely ever do, it’s like my lucky charm. It’s so special to me.

AS: That’s what you’d grab in a fire, right?

ES: and you! 

Lady Eliza and Lady Amelia

Have you two always been this close?

AS: Always, but now we’re the closest we’ve ever been.

ES: We’re so lucky, we’re really similar and we just get each other. Soulmates!

Lastly, do you have a favorite jewelry style icon past or present that you admire?

AS: Julia Roberts. She is everything that diamonds embody— timeless elegance. 

ES: She’s also the ambassador for Chopard’s new ‘Pure Happiness’ campaign. I don’t believe there’s a person in recent history with a more beautiful smile that can represent happiness better than Julia Roberts. 

AS: She exudes positivity and love, and that’s exactly what we want to feel when we wear our jewelry.

What is your most favorite piece in the Chopard collection?

ES:  It is always difficult to choose one amongst so many but I would pick the circular earrings from the Precious Lace collection. I/ Amelia wore them at a party during London Fashion Week, they are super elegant and sparkly and at the same time, discreet and refined. The kind of versatile piece you can wear for different kind of occasions. Knowing they are made with ethical gold and ethically sourced diamonds add to the beauty of these earrings.