How Saboo’s Custom-Cut Natural Diamonds Become Wearable Art

This family-run business takes pride in their unqiue designs and long history in the industry.

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What makes Saboo Fine Jewels so rare? Pranay Saboo, part of the third generation of Saboo men who have taken on the family business, shares the unique design process and custom natural diamond cuts that go into creating the perfect piece for Saboo Fine Jewels.

Saboo was founded in 1935 as a trader and manufacturer of rough gemstones under the guidance of Mr. Chand Bihari Saboo. In 1980 his sons, Rajendra and Surendra Saboo took over the family business, searching for exclusive gemstones and making them into jewels for high-end retailers in Jaipur. Surendra Saboo serves as the Creative Director for the brand, personally supervising the smallest details on each piece so they are completed to perfection.

Saboo is always innovating to appeal to the next generation of natural diamond lovers, but is always sure to keep their designs classic and timeless. Instant heirlooms, these pieces are truly wearable art.