The Most Jaw-Dropping, Rare, and Unique Natural Diamonds from Centurion 2024

Discover one of the world’s premier jewelry trade events and the natural diamond treasures inside the 2024 Centurion Jewelry Show.

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Christopher Designs, Luca Gems, Fred Leighton

Have you ever wondered how your beloved diamond jewelry stores assemble exquisite selections? How do they discover the stunning pieces, groundbreaking designers, and the latest offerings from various brands? These treasures don’t merely arrive on their doorstep. The secret often lies in trade shows. These gatherings serve as a platform for diamantaires and designers of all sizes to unveil their latest creations to the industry. Reserved mainly for those within the trade, these exclusive, invitation-only events are a hotspot for industry professionals. Fortunately, we’re offering an exclusive glimpse into one of the diamond industry’s premier events this winter in North America, The 2024 Centurion Jewelry Show.

Annually, this event sets the stage for emerging trends that knit together the offerings of various designers, predicting the ‘it’ styles destined to dominate in the ensuing years. This edition was no exception, highlighting distinctive styling trends and design motifs. Yet, the true stars were the exceptional, rare, and breathtaking natural diamonds that captured everyone’s attention. In an era where the allure of unique natural diamond jewelry is surging—not just in design but in the remarkable qualities of the diamonds themselves—the exhibitors at the 2024 Centurion Jewelry Show rose to the occasion. They showcased an array of the most extraordinary and unique natural diamonds, marking a new pinnacle of creativity and rarity. Here are some of the most remarkable highlights.

Pluczenik Rough Diamond in Original Rock


An extraordinary piece of lamproite (ancient volcanic rock) with a rough natural diamond still embedded inside from Pluczenik Diamonds.

Fred Leighton Emerald Cut Ring

Fred Leighton

An 8-carat emerald-cut diamond set in a vintage-inspired blackened silver mounting with a gold band by Fred Leighton.

Rahaminov Moval Ring


A 10-carat ‘Moval’ diamond (combination of a marquise and oval) set between two triangular cabochon emeralds by Rahaminov.

Luca Gems Green-Yellow Diamond

Luca Gems

A 2.35-carat natural fancy green-yellow diamond surrounded by a natural pink diamond halo by Luca Gems.

Julius Klein Asscher-Cut Diamond Studs

Julius Klein

A pair of diamond stud earrings with two 20-carat Asscher cut diamonds totaling 40 carats by Julius Klein.

Christopher Designs ‘Crisscut’ Ring

Christopher Designs

A 6.96-carat warmly colored ‘Crisscut’ diamond with step-cut trapezoid side stones by Christopher Designs.

Scott West Chameleon Diamond Ring

Scott West

A 4-carat natural fancy greyish-yellowish-green radiant cut chameleon diamond, that temporarily changes color when slightly heated, with fancy yellow side stones by Scott West.

Premier Gem Rough Diamond Ring

Premier Gem

A 1.29-carat natural rough diamond in a bezel set ring by Premier Gem.

Gems of Note Blue Diamond Ring

Gems of Note

An 8-carat natural fancy blue radiant cut diamond with emerald cut side stones by Gems of Note.

Namdar Diamonds Record-Setting Ring

Namdar Diamonds

‘The Blue Dream’- At 5 carats, the world’s largest fancy vivid blue double rose cut diamond from Namdar Diamonds.

Grandview Klein Toi et Moi Ring

Grandview Klein

A toi et moi ring featuring a 3-carat natural fancy intense greenish blue and 2.80-carat natural fancy pinkish-purple diamond by Grandview Klein.

Single Stone Vintage Diamond Ring

Single Stone

A vintage 2.75 carat natural light yellow marquise-shaped diamond set flat among various size pave set diamonds by Single Stone.