How The Rahaminov Diamond Family Became A Celebrity Styling Staple

The family behind the brand is committed to their customers, their business, & their namesake.

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When it comes to blinging out celebrities, Rahaminov Diamonds never fails to ice out some of our favorite Hollywood stars. From the Oscars red carpet to Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring, Rahaminov has quietly evolved from a family of diamond dealers to becoming the go-to jewelers for some of the world’s biggest stars.

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Based in Los Angeles, first and foremost, Rahaminov is a family business. Run by the original Rahaminov brothers’ children and grandchildren, the family is committed to their customers, their business, and of course their namesake. Ahead, we sat down with the family for an exclusive interview, talking diamonds, celebrity moments and memorable sales.

Courtesy of Rahaminov Diamonds

Only Natural Diamonds: How did your family get started in the jewelry business?

Rahaminov Diamonds: Rahaminov Diamonds started in the 1940s when the Rahaminov brothers became diamond cutters in one of Israel’s first diamond cooperatives, Buchara Diamonds. Their name soon became synonymous with diamond cutting, sales, trading—and, above all, quality. By the next decade, the Rahaminov brothers opened their first branch of Rahaminov Diamonds in Valenza – Italy’s key center for jewelry setting and design at that time. In 1989, Tamara Rahaminov and Amir Goldfiner, who met while studying at the Gemological Institute of America, opened the Los Angeles office. Tamara was the design visionary and Amir ran the business end. Their children Nicol and Melanie have since joined the business as its third generation – Nicol works with Tamara on the creative side and manages the jewelry production. Melanie handles all business-related matters with Amir as well as oversees the marketing and social media departments.

OND: Rahaminov has been around for a long time. What sort of trends have you noticed in the industry, in diamonds and jewelry in general over the years?

RD: Buyers are seeking superior cut diamonds and high-quality, well-manufactured jewelry. Jewelry that holds its value that can be passed down from generation to generation. Buyers are becoming much more discerning and knowledgeable about their jewelry purchases, so transparency is key.

OND: Was there a specific sale that you made early on where you were like “okay, I think we have something here”?

RD: The company began as diamond dealers, but slowly evolved into a jewelry house. The pivot really started with Tamara’s jewelry that she designed and made for herself. A significant memory for Tamara is redesigning her engagement ring. Everyone was constantly drawn to the ring and the rest of the jewelry she designed. She also remembers when the Rahaminov Diamonds team lost a sale of a big 15-carat emerald cut diamond. They had sent the loose diamond to a retail partner for a potential customer, but in the end, the customer ended up buying a different 15-carat emerald cut because it was already set into a ring. The retail partner said even though the Rahaminov diamond was more beautiful and better priced, the customer just put the other ring on and bought it. From that moment on, the team has aimed to set the majority of their diamonds into jewelry.

OND: What does the process like when you work with celebrities on the red carpet?

RD: We work with stylists and our incredible PR team to get our jewelry on the red carpet. For an especially important look, we have also designed jewelry with stylists.

@katyperry via Instagram

OND: What’s the most memorable piece you’ve loaned to a celebrity?

RD: Katy Perry wearing our Heart Shape Halo Dangle Earrings at President Biden’s 2021 Inauguration during her performance of ‘Firework’!

OND: Of the celebrities you’ve worked with, who was the most exciting for you personally?

RD: We have been extremely fortunate to work with a lot of celebrities over the years. Some highlights include Reba McEntire, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, and Charlize Theron.

OND: What is the most memorable piece you’ve sold (to a celebrity or otherwise)?

RD: At Borsheims Fine Jewelry during the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder weekend many years ago – we were on the sales floor with Warren Buffet himself. Side by side, we sold their customer a beautiful natural fancy color diamond ring with pink, yellow and green diamonds. Warren was so excited about the design and the fact that it had three natural fancy color diamonds. We even made a book for the ring demonstrating the design process, photography, and the GIA certificates. Warren signed the book, which was delivered to the customer who bought the ring. There’s nothing like working with the legend that is Warren on the sales floor. We all took a photo together afterward to commemorate this exciting acquisition!

OND: Why do you choose to use natural diamonds in your products?

RD: There is nothing more beautiful than natural beauty. We believe in assets that hold their value and that also appreciate. We believe and stand behind our products, and cannot sell something we don’t feel confident about.

OND: You famously designed J Lo’s new green diamond engagement ring. Can you speak to your experience working with colored diamonds?

RD: Working with natural fancy color diamonds is truly an art, and is one of our specialties. We love to design important jewelry that accentuates each stone’s beauty and color.

OND: What’s 1 diamond staple you think everyone needs in their jewelry box? What about a dream diamond piece?

RD: For a staple – a comfortable, everyday pair of diamond earrings. Our Flower earrings can be worn from day to night. You put on a beautiful pair of earrings and you are instantly dressed!
For a dream diamond piece – a rare, fancy colored diamond.