Natural Diamond Jewels All the Cool Brides Are Wearing

Bridal stylists predict the trends coming down the aisle this year.

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There is a lot that goes into putting together the perfect bridal look. Beyond the dress, brides must also select the perfect veil, shoes, hair accessories, and of course, jewelry. Whether the bride is wearing something newly purchased to commemorate the occasion or borrowing a family heirloom, natural diamond jewelry is a significant piece to the bridal puzzle.

Natural diamonds themselves are symbols of love and connection, the hardest, unbreakable material on Earth, just like the connection formed between a newly married couple. No two natural diamonds are alike and the natural diamond that sits in an engagement ring is a perfect representative of each couple’s unique love story.

Of course, there are more occasions and events leading up to the actual wedding where a bride might want to put together a special outfit. Bridal stylists Gabrielle Hurwitz and Julie Sabatino offered insight into how they help their bridal clients put together a look and the power of diamond jewelry for each wedding occasion.

Tennis-Style & Line Jewelry

Ali Weiss Small Gold Hoop with Wrap Diamond Chain, $600,

Eva Fehren Line Choker with Champagne Diamonds, price upon request,

Greenwich St Jewelers Classic Tennis Bracelet, from $3,500,

Grace Lee Emerald Cut Tennis Bracelet, $14,880,

The Last Line Bezel Drop Earring, $745,

Lizzie Mandler Petite Eclat Diamond Bracelet, $4945,

Material Good Small Graduated Diamond Necklace, $21,800,

Roberto Coin Inside Outside Open Diamond Hoop Earrings, $2,900,

Serpentine Jewels Graduated Diamond Tennis Jackets, $5,200,

“My philosophy is to understand the woman and what makes her feel amazing on the inside and help her achieve that through her bridal fashion and all of the details of that on her wedding day,” says Sabatino. “I look at myself as their guide.” Hurwitz approaches the task as “part creative director and part personal shopper.” Both agree that their ultimate goal is to make brides feel like the best version of themselves.

Creating a bridal look always starts with the dress with jewelry and accessories added on from there. “It’s a combination of the venue, date, formality of the event and the bride’s personal style,” Sabatino says. “A dress is really a blank slate,” explains Hurwitz. “But depending on the jewelry you pick, you can take it from edgy and cool with an asymmetric earring moment and diamond choker to classic and timeless with a pearl and diamond drop and classic tennis bracelet.”

Unique, Timeless Picks

Kwiat Hoop Earrings with Round and Marquise Diamonds, $9,100,

Lizzie Mandler Othello Flip Cuff, $5,175,

Mociun Symbol of Change Necklace, $1,500,

Ondyn Voyage Cuff, $5,000,

Renna Bubble Double-Sided Diamond Hoops, $2,450,

Sethi Couture Rani Diamond Necklace, $3,520,

Vice Versa Kin Necklace, $13,625,

These days, brides often have multiple events to plan for and even outfit changes within certain events. “It’s important that each look has its own moment and speaks to the location and design of the event itself, but that they also all work together to tell a story of the bride’s personal style,” shares Hurwitz.

Sabatino recalls a recent client of hers who wanted all of her jewelry to match her yellow gold natural diamond engagement ring, so she styled her in gorgeous yellow gold jewelry. “Brides are wanting to get more funky and interesting with that,” she muses. “It’s a whole new bridal look I think.”

“There’s something I think also about wearing [jewelry] on your wedding day that creates special meaning for the piece as well,” says Sabatino. Hurwitz agrees and sites an uptick in brides wearing tennis jewelry. “Diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces are definitely having a moment right now, and for good reason — they’re the gift that keeps on giving and that you can wear long after the wedding.”

Ear Stack

Ali Weiss Diamond Stud with Diamond Chain and Cuff, $750,

Eva Fehren X Ear Cuff, $2,895,

Grace Lee Linear Diamond Cluster Earring, $3,880,

Jade Trau Posey Cluster Diamond Earrings, $2,600,

Maria Tash Diamond Star Threaded Stud Earring, $430,

Mociun Tidal Wave Earring Single, $2,000,

Serpentine Jewels Hexagon Diamond Studs, $4,300,

As far as trends go, Sabatino and Hurwitz are seeing brides taking more risks like stacked earrings on multiple piercings rather than simple studs. “Playing with length, scale, and proportion gets you a really unique mismatched look, that again, you can style after the wedding,” Says Hurwitz. Sabatino is also seeing accessory changes along with the trendy dress change from ceremony to reception. “The bride might not want a necklace going down the aisle,” she says. “But the reception is when… [she] wants to step it up.”

It’s not just new pieces that brides are wearing on their big day. “They’ll go into the vault and find something from their family,” says Sabatino of brides wearing heirloom jewels. But the jewelry from these family vaults aren’t always worn traditionally, but rather incorporated into the bridal look in an out-of-the-box way. Sabatino remembers a bride she worked with a few years ago whose “grandmother loved brooches and [the bride] really wanted to wear them, but she had this massive, elaborate dress,” she explains. “So we had the florist do special ribbons on the bouquet and the charms hung down from there.”


Andria Barbone Antique Edwardian Two Tone Diamond Bracelet,

Ashley Zhang Edwardian Diamond Earrings, $1,600,

Jessica McCormack Signature Georgian Diamond & Blackened Gold Pendant, $2,890,

Lang Antiques Estate Baguette Diamond Necklace, $3,750,

Sethi Couture Cien 3-Stone Rose Cut Diamond Necklace, $1,870

Vintage Bulgari Earclips, $5,250,

Art Deco Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet, $6,800,

Another one of Sabatino’s clients shared an heirloom from her grandmother who had passed with her sister who had been married the year before. “They both wore the same pair of earrings to honor her,” she says.

It certainly helps that vintage and vintage-inspired diamond jewelry is trending, according to Hurwitz. “ With the prevalence of social media like TikTok and Instagram, I think brides are looking for pieces… that feel unique and one-of-a-kind, not pieces they’ve seen on 20 different people online.”

All said and done, the cool brides are wearing diamonds that feel personal to them both emotionally and stylistically. Whatever style you opt for, whether it’s vintage, classic, or something more out-of-the-box, stay true to your personal style and pick pieces you know you’ll wear forever and pass down to the next generation.