Jade Trau Explains Why Diamonds are a Symbol of Love and How to Get Her Signature Style

Jade Trau is from a long line of diamond experts but don’t expect her jewelry to take a conventional turn. She remixes familiar styles and makes them her own.

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Actress Ana de Armas Wears Jade Trau Catherine Ring No.3 Stacked.

Jade Trau refers to everything she designs as a “contemporary classic” and it’s easy to understand why. She takes the familiar—engagement rings and wedding bands, diamond studs and solitaire pendants—and injects subtle, stylish tweaks that make them must-haves all over again. And she believes that the way jewelry functions is just as important as its beauty. That’s why you’ll often find in her work tiny details, like adjustable chains, that make each piece exceptionally versatile. As the fifth generation of her family to work with diamonds, jewelry is in her DNA.

Jewelry Designer Jade Trau

The campaign features your take on an eternity band and hoop earrings. How do you give classic silhouettes your unique spin?

I called the eternity band The Catherine because I think it’s the most classic name there is and I think it’s a ring that should be the classic anchor of your stack. It has six prongs, which not only look compelling but also protect the stone. With the alternating placement of the prongs the diamonds have a floating effect. Setting diamonds on the top half of the ring is a necessity for anyone is hard on their jewelry or wants a bigger diamond look for their dollar. I wear mine every day and love it very much.

With the Crescent hoops I wanted to make an alternative to traditional hoops. I infused the design with some negative space so that you can see your face and hair behind it and to give it lightness. I wear and test every earring to make sure it’s comfortable and actually wearable.

Do you have any general styling advice for wearing diamond jewelry?

It sounds counterintuitive but you’ll often look less dressy when wearing more jewelry and more dressy when you’re wearing less. The more you wear, the more casual the vibe is. It’s so unassuming when you just wear things and enjoy them. Don’t be afraid to mix metals and scale. Small pieces highlight larger things and larger pieces highlight the smaller ones.

People ask me about how to stack or layer but it genuinely evolves because I’m always adding and removing things from the mix.  The more you wear your jewelry the more you’ll find how to enjoy it in different ways.

Ana de Armas Wears Jade Trau Catherine Eternity No. 3 Stacking Rings in White Gold, Sold Individually. $5,250

What’s an indispensable piece everyone should own?

You need to wear diamond earrings. And if you have several piercings you can wear multiples. Diamonds are light performers. The more diamonds you wear near your face the more it will sparkle.

Is there a jewelry trend you see on the horizon?

I’m focusing a lot on charm necklaces because they’re easy to wear a lot and you can build a collection over time. And I always try to encourage women to buy rings for themselves. A ring is a good piece to give yourself because you’ll see it constantly. Even if you’re wearing a wedding band you can still buy a ring for yourself that complements it and honor yourself that way.

Even if you’re wearing a wedding band you can still buy a ring for yourself that complements it and honor yourself that way.

Jewelry Designer Jade Trau inspects a natural diamond during her design process.

Why are natural diamonds the only gems in your collection?

To me, natural diamonds have an energy that’s incomparable. When you think about it, the journey they make is incredible. It takes nature to create them, human ingenuity to unearth them, an artist to help them achieve their best cut and polish. After all of that I get to create a beautiful home for them with my designs. 

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