Here’s How the Sibling Duo Behind Brevani Help The Women of ‘The Bachelorette’ Sparkle

Bachelor Nation’s unofficial jeweler is spilling the tea.

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When Allison and Jordan Peck first launched their jewelry company Brevani, they never expected to see their designs front-and-center on The Bachelorette. “It’s exposure that we could never really imagine,” Jordan exclusively tells Only Natural Diamonds.

Jordan and Allison Peck of Brevani

Soon after Jordan and Allison Peck’s friend at Jewelers of America had the revelation that Brevani would be a perfect fit for The Bachelorette, she connected the siblings with a friend who worked on the show’s publicity team. The next thing the Pecks knew, they were watching Alabama Hannah rock Brevani diamonds on national television. “We got lucky in that we had product that was relevant and spoke to the same audience that The Bachelorette speaks to,” says Jordan. “So I think it just worked out really perfectly.”

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brevani bachelorette diamond jewelry
brevani bachelorette diamond jewelry
brevani bachelorette diamond jewelry
Courtesy of Brevani

Hannah Brown isn’t the only Bachelor Nation star to have worn their designs. Rachel Lindsay wore Brevani pieces to her wedding; Tayshia, Claire and Katie were all spotted in Brevani throughout their seasons; and current Bachelorette Michelle can be seen wearing plenty of Brevani as well. “We work closely with Cary Fetman, the stylist on The Bachelorette, and he’s really the driving force behind what they wear,” Allison tells us. “So he’s really the one that sets that up.”

“They request product from us,” Jordan adds. “They tell us the styling that they want to look for. Allie takes out 100 pieces from our collection and sends it out, and then we find out what gets put on the show pretty much the same time you do,” he says with a laugh. “It keeps each week interesting.”

Fan-favorite Tayshia even wore a set of drop earrings in the promotion photos for her season. “The fact that they are so wonderful and have a pool of all of these different brands and designers that they can choose from and they’re choosing us is amazing and mind-blowing,” Allison says.

“They’ll just randomly drop us notes thanking us,” Jordan says of the styling team on The Bachelorette. “It’s just really nice to be appreciated by people that have such a broad audience.”

brevani bachelorette diamond jewelry earrings
brevani bachelorette diamond jewelry earrings
brevani bachelorette diamond jewelry earrings

Part of the appreciation surely stems from the quality of Brevani pieces, which use only the best materials, are ethically sourced and of course—are natural diamonds. “We’ve been presented with opportunities to work with lab-grown, and for us, it’s all about making sure we can maintain our quality,” says Jordan. “We want our pieces to be special and we want our pieces to have that unique feel to it.” Sounds like a request that only natural diamonds can deliver on.

And when it comes to ethical sourcing, Brevani is going above and beyond thanks to their recent certification from the Responsible Jewellery Council. “We are able to say from start to finish, we know that everything that we’re sourcing is sustainable,” explains Jordan.

It’s been a long road for Jordan and Allison on their RJC-certification process, but now that they’re here, looking back at the early days feels even sweeter. After working for their parents’ jewelry company, Color Merchants, the siblings decided to create Brevani as a new spin-off brand, catering to a younger customer.

“We came in with a fresh idea, a fresh mindset,” explains Jordan. “We’re very lucky to have staff that have been with us for twenty-five years and our father has been doing it the same way for that long. We wanted to shake things up a little bit.” And shake things up they did, with innovative designs and unique styles.

brevani bachelorette diamond jewelry earrings
brevani bachelorette diamond jewelry earrings
brevani bachelorette diamond jewelry

“I wasn’t passionate about the jewelry,” reveals Allison about Color Merchants’ styles. “It was what my mom was wearing or my grandma was wearing. It was the classic stuff, not the fun stuff.” I think plenty of millennials can relate to that mindset! 

“I started putting some fun stuff in the line, and our father, at the beginning was like, ‘that’s just not our customer, there’s no way that’s going to sell,’” she explains. “And at the next trade show, that was our best-selling piece because I was passionate about it! And that’s when [my dad] was like, ‘OK, like, maybe, maybe we could be on to something.’” Given these pieces are now being worn by the women of The Bachelorette, we’d say it was a good call.

Clearly, working with family can be a tricky dynamic to navigate, but it seems the Peck siblings have it down to a science. “Allison is super design and fashion-oriented, and I’m much more numbers and operationally focused,” muses Jordan. “When there’s a decision to be made, we let whoever has the better experience in that area push forward with it and trust what the other is doing.”

“The aspect of our parents being involved, that always creates an interesting dynamic,” further explains Jordan.

Allison certainly agrees. “That’s where the tougher dynamic is,” she adds with a laugh.

“Our dinner conversations went from being about family vacations to now strictly being about trade shows and business, which, you know, sometimes our mom isn’t thrilled about,” says Jordan.

Either way, the Peck family is certainly doing something right. Check out Brevani on The Bachelorette, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.