Object of My Affection: Heloise & Victor Demarchelier

The photographer and his wife have a perfect love story and a diamond engagement ring to fit it.

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Photography by Victor Demarchelier

Heloise Guerin and Victor Demarchelier show off their vintage diamond engagement ring.

For any lover, the most anticipated moment in the love story is the engagement. Of course, it depends on finding the right person, the right vibe, and to be perfectly candid, the right diamond. Because it’s so meaningful, an engagement ring can be the most challenging thing one might ever have to shop for.

In the case of Victor Demarchelier and Heloise Guerin, their one-of-a-kind engagement story involves a most natural setting: a bubble bath and a diamond ring. This diamond ring, however, is an antique from the 1800s—a perfect fit for Heloise. There’s nothing like getting it just right for it to feel like a success, even before she says “Yes.” (She did.)

So, for once: forget carats, clarity, and shape, value is all in the eye of the beholder. And in this instance, it’s Heloise’s. As far as Victor’s advice goes, it’s all about “thinking of your loved one” and how he/she would envision their happily ever after.

GRACE FULLER MARROQUÍN What is your home life/routine like right now? 
VICTOR DEMARCHELIER We have two lovely young girls, 1 and 3 years old. So, they are our routine and our life right now.
HELOISE GUERIN DEMARCHELIER I really enjoy spending this time with the girls, it’s not as difficult as I thought it would be and realize how lucky we are! 

“I love vintage jewelry,” Heloise muses. “Having a vintage ring was very special and important to me. I can’t believe he found one that dates all the way back to 1800!”

How is your quarantined routine and environment different than normal life for you?
VD Being in the country has been amazing, [I’m] really starting to wonder why so many people live in big cities these days.

Where did you shoot these photos and what was your inspiration? What was the day like? 
VD They were shot in and around our house, my inspiration was my beautiful wife and kids.
HGD We really enjoyed shooting it, we had so much freedom, it really represents us.

Tell us about the ring. What are the stones? The diamond cut/s?
VD I bought Louise’s [my nickname for Heloise] wedding ring at an old vintage jewelry shop. I really wanted something original and one-of-a-kind. 

The diamond ring, an antique from the 1800s, is a perfect fit for Heloise. 
“I really enjoy spending this time with the girls, it’s not as difficult as I thought it would be and realize how lucky we are!” Heloise says. 

Can you tell us a bit about the buying/selection process?  Did you do it together?
VD It was of course a surprise!

What is your proposal story? Victor, what was Heloise’s reaction?
HGD He proposed in the bathtub, as he knows I love to take baths. I was really amazed at how he picked that ring without any advice from anybody! It is exactly what I like: a unique piece.

Now that you have your own family, does the ring feel even more special? What does it symbolize? 
VD It’s a nice reminder of the beautiful times we had together, just the two of us.
HGD It represents the beginning of our story as a family.

Why did you choose to capture these photos the way you did? 
VD We shot them as real as could be, we didn’t want to overthink anything.

Will your children inherit the diamond ring someday? 
VD That is up to Louise! I don’t want to think that far ahead…
HGD Family jewelry is the most beautiful thing, this is why I like vintage jewelry this much, it tells you a story, and it doesn’t have an end!

Do you know the ring’s history? 
VD I wish I knew more, but sadly, no…
HGD I think we knew at some point, but we forgot, we’re making our own story with it.

Heloise, do you wear the ring every day? If not, when? 
HGD No, I don’t…I work as a model and I’m very afraid to lose it on set, so I wear it for special occasions or [at home] when I feel like it!

Heloise, what other jewelry do you wear with it? With any other diamonds? Or other rings? 
HGD I inherited my great grandmother’s diamond. I still have to mount it, I’m looking for inspiration at the moment. Also, Victor’s mom gave me a beautiful ruby daisy ring on my wedding day, which is very dear to me.

What do you think is the most important part of the diamond engagement ring buying process? 
VD Thinking of your loved one.

Heloise Guerin Demarchelier 
Victor and Heloise Guerin Demarchelier
“I was really amazed at how [Victor] picked that ring without any advice from anybody, it is exactly what I like: a unique piece with a story behind it!”