First Look: Forevermark’s New Avaanti Collection

This gorgeous diamond jewelry collection is inspired by the power of ideas.

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Forevermark Avaanti™ Campaign Hero Image

Today is World Water Day, an occasion  that encourages us to think about  H2O, what it means to us and how important it is to the survival of our planet.

Though water is one of our most valuable and precious natural resources, it’s frequently taken for granted. A symbol of prosperity, health, peace and harmony, water’s power to shape and change the world is undeniable. The largest changes and the biggest waves all start with just a drop of water; just like the Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon, the ripple of an idea has the potential to change the world.

In such spirit, Forevermark recently debuted its new Avaanti™ collection. Taking its name from the Italian word avanti, which means forward, the designs are inspired by the progression of a ripple of water. See, a ripple starts small but quickly and exponentially expands in all directions. In this collection, Forevermark meditates on the power of small changes to quickly grow.

Forevermark Avaanti Pavé Closed Ring

The jeweler hopes that its powerful backstory of change that begins with a small ripple will inspire women on a daily basis to follow their passions, pursue change and new challenges, and work towards a better tomorrow daily.

Nancy Liu, CEO of Forevermark, says, “Diamonds are imbued with an energetic and unconventional spirit, and with our Forevermark Avaanti collection we have created fine jewelry that has the power, not only to celebrate those who wear it, but to inspire them to realize their inner strength. The smallest spark or idea starts with you, and the Forevermark Avaanti campaign is a reminder that you should never underestimate your potential to create an impact.”

Forevermark Avaanti Arc Pavé Earrings

Comprised of rings, earrings, pendant necklaces and bracelets in 18 karat yellow, white and rose gold, each piece of jewelry in the Avaanti collection has a sweeping, circular shape topped with a Forevermark diamond. Plus some of the pieces are set with pavé diamonds on one side for a touch of extra glamour. The collection mixes closed, open and bypass designs, providing options for women who love classic and modern jewelry alike. Particularly beautiful are the  Arc pavé earrings, reverse traditional half-hoops, which are longer in the back thanks to a front closure.  Also in this pair, a gold culet-inspired tip sits above a glittering pavé diamond jacket capped with a Forevermark diamond.

Avaanti’s  perfect blend of smooth, polished gold and brilliant diamonds is perfect for everyday wear. It all comes together in the Avaanti campaign, which stands as a celebration of strong women. Boasting an all-female creative team headed by director Vicky Lawton and photographer Anya Holdstock, the campaign’s powerful images feature a backdrop of swirling ocean waves or tranquil lakes.

So go on—try Forevermark Avaanti for yourself, and experience the empowerment.