Forevermark Is Unflinching in Its Focus on Natural Diamonds

Every element of Forevermark jewelry is exhaustively considered and deliberately executed.

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Whilst some brands take inspirations from their heritage, nature or coloured gems, Forevermark is unflinching in its focus on natural diamonds. “Every Forevermark inscribed diamond is natural, hand-selected and comes with a promise that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced,” says Kate Rogowski, Vice President, Marketing & Communications.

Forevermark is a diamond brand from De Beers Group, which has a history of diamond expertise spanning over 130 years.

Kate Rogowski, Vice President, Marketing & Communications of Forevermark

Sometimes, it can be hard to understand how truly rare diamonds are. Rogowksi offers an analogy to put things into perspective: “If you were to gather together all the natural diamonds from around the world, ever polished since the beginning of time, they would fill only one double-decker bus. With a rigorous selection process, Forevermark inscribed diamonds would only fill just over two tires of the bus, proving how truly beautiful and rare a Forevermark diamond is.” Forevermark diamonds, she adds, are the result of a stringent 17-step selection process.

Behind the brand’s commitment to natural diamonds is the desire to “create pieces that were not only beautiful but also relevant today and tomorrow, and that can physically last for generations.” Just like their diamonds. “Good enough” doesn’t cut it for Forevermark. “As with diamonds, it is sometimes the smallest of details that can have a huge effect. That is why every element of our jewelry is exhaustively considered and deliberately executed,” observes Rogowski.    

Black Label Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 18K yellow gold.
Price Upon Request.

The Forevermark Tribute Collection Diamond Emerald Beaded Ring.

The brand is introducing new line bracelets just in time for holiday. “Our diamond line bracelet set in platinum will be featured in the upcoming campaign.” With so much uncertainty and change around us, says Rogowski, timeless classics such as diamond solitaire earrings, necklaces and rings have a strong appeal as proven designs. “These pieces can be found in the new Forevermark Classics collection.” Now would be a great time to think beyond the classic engagement rings and explore the capsule collection Forevermark x Micaela – a collaboration with celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger.

The campaign features two rings – do tell us more about the pieces. How can these be styled?  

KR: The emerald-cut diamond ring with the beaded band is part of the Forevermark Tribute™ Collection. Each diamond jewelry piece can be worn stacked or layered to reflect your individual style and character. The Black Label Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 18k yellow gold features a Black Label oval diamond, a Black Label square diamond, and a Black Label cushion-cut diamond. When combined, the look features multiple diamonds, paying tribute to the many qualities that together make you the incredible woman you are.

What’s the inspiration for the Tribute collection?

KR: The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection celebrates the unique and brilliant woman who wears it. Each diamond is representative of one of a woman’s many qualities.

What is your personal go-to diamond jewelry? 

KR: My engagement ring and wedding band, of course. I am reminded of my and my husband’s incredible journey together when I look at my rings – each facet is representative of one of the many memories we’ve made and of the memories still to come. I am more of a minimalist as it relates to jewelry; my diamond studs are my favorite. They are the perfect finish for any outfit and make me feel confident no matter the occasion. I find a pair of diamond studs cover multiple occasions.

Tell us about your love of natural diamonds and how that came about?

KR: I have only had natural diamond jewelry and have never considered another option. However, my true love for natural diamonds came about through my work the last 6 years at Forevermark. 

“There are significant stories, people, and relationships throughout the diamond pipeline. “

Kate Rogowski,
Vice President, Marketing & Communications of Forevermark

I love meeting these amazing individuals and hearing about their passion for natural diamonds and what they do, from diamond exploration all the way to our jewelers carrying our collections. And I am proud to work for a company that gives back to the land and the communities from which our diamonds come. 

Do you have a favorite jewelry?

KR: On my 16th birthday, my mother gave me the very first pair of studs that my father had given her.

What key pieces of diamond jewelry should one start a collection with?

Forevermark Avaanti Mini Pavé Pendant in 18K Rose Gold, Available also in 18K Yellow Gold and White Gold, $1,995

KR: Every woman’s diamond wardrobe should include pieces that represent her individual style, like the Forevermark Tribute™ Collection or the new Forevermark Avaanti™ Collection. And of course, it should be rounded out with a classic pair of studs or diamond pendant that can be mixed and matched with fashion diamond jewelry, or worn as a statement on their own.

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