An Exclusive Look at Jewelry Designer Fernando Jorge’s Diamond Residence in Bergdorf Goodman

Get to know more about the veteran jewelry designer and his new annex at Bergdorf Goodman.

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This month, two icons collide with the opening of Brazilian jewelry designer Fernando Jorge’s annex at New York’s most famous department store, Bergdorf Goodman. We were lucky enough to speak to Jorge himself in an exclusive conversation about the partnership and gorgeous jewelry collection.

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Interview with Jewelry Designer Fernando Jorge

“We launched with Bergdorf in 2018 and it’s been a very successful partnership ever since,” Jorge tells Only Natural Diamonds. “The most exciting part of this new venture is having presence in one of the most iconic stores in the world, definitely in the U.S. and New York specifically.” You know what they say, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

viola davis fernando jorge
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

“Having my work sitting next to heritage brands and contemporary brands that are at the top of the top of the jewelry world is very exciting,” Jorge says. “It justifies all the effort that we would put behind the jewels.” Designed in partnership with Studio Mellone, the pop-up itself is a contained space within Bergdorf that will feature a selection of Jorge’s best pieces.

“There is a collection I’m particularly really proud of—the Brilliant collection—, which is our first collection featuring more prominent diamonds, especially natural diamonds,” explains Jorge. Jorge’s disco earrings, seen here on Viola Davis, are some of his favorites within the collection, and happen to be the very same ones that kick-started his partnership with Bergdorf four years ago. “For Bergdorf specifically, we are bringing in exclusive higher versions of the Disco pieces” he reveals. Talk about a full-circle moment!

fernando jorge diamond jewelry necklace
Courtesy of Fernando Jorge

And the piece with the biggest diamonds? That would be the high jewelry Radiant Necklace. “The necklace epitomizes my vision for diamond jewelry: letting the diamonds shine,” he says. “The design highlights the collar of the woman who’s wearing it without overwhelming it with details.” As Jorge knows well, simplicity is key when it comes to diamond design.

“From the moment I started to include diamonds in my pieces, I chose to work with natural diamonds,” says Jorge. “The fact that diamonds were forged billions of years ago deep inside our planet, and will outlive us and carry our memories into the future represents something so magical and romantic,” he muses. “In a way, we are just touching them in our ephemeral presence on this planet.”

fernando jorge diamond jewelry earrings
Courtesy of Fernando Jorge

Jorge is very meticulous when working with diamonds and understands the significance of adding them to his pieces. “They are the most versatile gemstone yet have a high visual impact—exactly what it takes to elevate any design,” he tells us. “Through my jewels, I strive to give each diamond room to shine, which is why I leave space for skin to show through and let the diamonds do the job of captivating you.”

After 11 years in the industry, Jorge has learned a lot about not only diamonds but his own style and design. “In my first collections, there was a sense of experimentalism, that is still present in my work,” he shares. “Today, I feel less pull towards trends and I am more inclined to classic and timeless.”

Thinking about his first few years in the business, Jorge’s advice to his younger self would be to relax and trust the process. “I actually keep reminding myself of this even today,” he says with a laugh. “I like the challenge of designing new and innovative collections that do not follow a formula and this brings a lot of pressure” he muses. “So it is difficult to stay relaxed, but it is also amazing to work in a field that I am so passionate about and to have built a career based on expressing my vision.”

fernando jorge diamond jewelry earrings
Courtesy of Fernando Jorge

When a designer loves working with diamonds and appreciates their beauty as much as Jorge, the artistry and craftsmanship is sure to shine through in his pieces. So go on, see for yourself: Fernando Jorge’s pop-up at Bergdorf Goodman will be open this spring and summer.