EF Collection Gives Back with New Heirloom Bracelets

The natural diamond designs are near and dear to the founder’s heart.

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For EF Collection’s Emily Faith, jewelry is extremely personal. When it comes to designing for her brand, Emily is inspired by life’s meaningful milestones like her marriage, her heavenly son, and her newborn daughter to create wearable natural diamond heirlooms to cherish forever.

This month, Emily is diving even deeper with her recent launch of two special bracelets to commemorate and honor her motherhood journey. In 2021, Emily lost her son Austin to polycystic kidney disease. Since then she has worked with PKD advocacy groups to raise awareness and research while simultaneously on an IVF journey to conceive her rainbow baby, Olivia Austin, who was born in December 2023. The two special bracelets honor both Austin and Olivia, and she is donating 100% of the proceeds from the bracelets and EF Collection’s meaningful motif assortments for the first 10 days in March to Children’s Hospital of LA’s Make March Count Initiative.

The meaningful motifs include delicate natural diamond-dotted angel wings and hummingbirds as well as personalized necklaces. “After my son Austin passed away, I constantly saw a baby hummingbird around me,” Emily shares exclusively with OND. “It brought me comfort and was a beautiful reminder of my boy. That was the inspiration behind all of the hummingbird pieces in my collection.”

Celebration Bracelet, from $4,950, efcollection.com
Diamond Name Celebration Bracelet, from $5,500, efcollection.com

The Diamond Name Celebration Bracelet and the Celebration Bracelet was Emily’s push present to herself after welcoming her baby girl Olivia.  “I wanted to create a special personalized piece to wear every day,” she says. “I thought a colorful bracelet that incorporated her birthstone (turquoise!) would be fun but then realized the greater significance of color in this piece. Olivia is my “rainbow baby” – a true miracle after the loss of my son and a long IVF journey.”

The Celebration Bracelet features different precious and semi-precious stones, including natural diamonds, to create a rainbow on each link, “representing life and miracles,” Emily explains. “This bracelet celebrates my past and acknowledges the journey while celebrating how far I’ve come.” The Name Celebration Bracelet can be customized to include any name and birthstone on the links.

“Natural diamonds are unique and special,” she shares of her gemstone choice. “Creating my pieces with premium materials allows them to shine even brighter (pun intended) and stand the test of time.” The Celebration Bracelets are not only for every day wear, but can be passed down to the next generation and will never go out of style, thanks to its natural diamonds.

Double Angel Wing Necklace, $975, efcollection.com

Diamond Angel Wing Necklace, $750, efcollection.com

Diamond Baby Angel Wing Stud Earring, $550, efcollection.com

Pavé Diamond Hummingbird Necklace, from $2,350, efcollection.com

Diamond Angel Wing Anklet, $650, efcollection.com

Mini Hummingbird Stud Earrings, $495, efcollection.com

Diamond Hummingbird Signet Ring, $1,050, efcollection.com

Floating Hummingbird Necklace, $2,650, efcollection.com

Diamond Script Name Necklace, from $925, efcollection.com

Diamond Angel Wing Bracelet, $625, efcollection.com

Floating Name and Date Necklace, $2,650, efcollection.com

Emily first got into fine jewelry design by selling other local LA-based jewelry collections, while dabbling in her own designs on the side. “I saw a void in the market back in 2010 for approachably priced delicate diamond pieces and started designing ones I personally wanted to wear daily,” she explains. “People took a liking to my pieces and the rest is history!”

EF Collection offers many pieces with a charitable component. “After the experience I went through, It’s important that my work also gives back to our community, especially those suffering,” Emily says. “I have made it my life long mission to honor Austin by bringing awareness to the disease that took his life (Polycystic Kidney Disease) and raising funds to hopefully eradicate this disease that affects millions worldwide.” EF Collection’s Celebration Bracelets and meaningful motifs are just the start!