Natural Diamond Secret Codes Revealed

These jewels say it in natural diamond braille and Morse code.

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(L-R) Hint Joaillerie Diamond Ring, Robinson Pelham Signet Rings, Hint Joaillerie Rings & Body Chain

In a time when there’s so much oversharing on social media, a secret feels like a luxury. That’s the idea behind one of the hottest jewelry trends, which covertly says words of love, empowerment, or something silly or smutty in diamond codes. Because everyone loves a secret.

Those encrypted words are spelled out in sparkling diamond braille and Morse code on gold pendants, rings and more.

It’s probably not what Louis Braille envisioned when in 1821 he invented the ingenious system of touch reading and writing for the visually impaired. But braille instills jewelry with deeper meaning, says Jessie Evans, the London-based designer behind the Jessie V E collection.

“Diamond braille gives jewelry an element of touch, something intimate, and sentimental,” said Evans, who recently made a custom gold ring for a client with the words FEEL THE LOVE in braille.

Diamond braille gives jewelry an element of touch, something intimate, and sentimental.

“I think in diamonds,” said Evans. After seeing Morse code (originally developed by Samuel Morse in the 1830s), she imagined the dots and dashes in diamonds and made it part of her first jewelry collection in 2015.

Clients are requesting MARRY ME in diamond braille or Morse code, says Evans, as an alternative engagement ring. Of course, it’s not limited to words of love. “You can hide something funny or rude, but no judgments from us, I promise,” she said. Prices start at $900 and take four to six weeks to make.

Braille is a universal language and design that speaks to everyone, says George Inaki Root, CEO and creator of the Milamore brand in New York. “It’s visually beautiful due to its design and the natural diamonds, but it’s also readable for blind people.”

Root’s first jewelry collection debuted in 2019 with a gold puzzle charm with braille initials, and it’s still a bestseller. Made in Japan using recycled 18-karat gold (prices start around $900), Root creates both custom braille pieces and words of inspiration like SELF LOVE and TRUST on pendants, bracelets, rings, and hoops earrings.

Discreet Diamond Messages
for Him & Her

“When I was kid, I watched the Secret Garden, and loved the vibe of having your own private world,” said New York designer Amina Sorel. With that in mind, she created diamond messages in jewelry with Morse code and rings that flip to reveal personal words.

“The mix of lines and dots in Morse codes work so well in diamond baguettes and round stones,” said Sorel. It’s especially appealing to men, who appreciate the simple, sleek patterns and discreet messages, she says. She recently made wedding bands for a same sex couple with one that reads MARRY ME for one partner who is pilot and reads Morse code.

Sorel’s latest pieces include hoop earrings that read SOULMATE and I LOVE YOU bangle. Everything is made by jewelers in New York’s diamond district.’

What’s your secret?

Not everyone wants jewelry emblazoned with personal names and dates, but they still want jewelry with meaning and sentimentality. One such client came to New York designer Brent Neale with diamonds from her engagement ring and family’s jewels, which were used to spell her and husband’s initials in Morse code dots and dashes in a new ring.

Another client commissioned Neale to make a gold pinky ring with the first letter of each family member in Morse code using Asscher cut and round diamonds for the dots and emerald cut diamonds for the dashes. It’s a stylish ring that is packed with secret meaning.

French jeweler Hint is dedicated to the art of covert messages. Appropriately named Hint, every piece is custom ordered online with a choice of styles, 18-karat gold colors, and stones, and is made in the company’s workshop in Paris in three to four weeks.

“Morse code is a sound or light code,” explained founder Virginie Parent. “We use the light of precious stones to subtly write your secret message.”

The popular British brand Robinson Pelham, known for its stylish and colorful jewelry, also added Morse code to its collection with gold Cipher tag pendants that can be customized with words, numbers, and messages. Prices start around $2,500.

With all these stylish options, everyone is going to want their secrets encrypted in natural diamonds.