29 Dazzling Diamonds from Las Vegas COUTURE 2024

An inside look at the incredible pieces on display at one of the world’s largest jewelry shows.

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Diamonds were front and center at the 2024 COUTURE show in Las Vegas. When we think of Sin City, it’s easy to picture flashing lights and strobing slot machines. According to National Geographic, it’s the “brightest city on Earth as seen from space at night.” Be that as it may, the natural diamonds at the annual COUTURE show shined even brighter, and we were fortunate enough to get a first-hand look at the rare gems on display along with the opportunity to meet the incredibly talented people behind the pieces.

Industry professionals, designers, retailers, buyers, and more travel worldwide to gather in Las Vegas, making this one of the largest jewelry trade shows. In a sea of sparkle, we were drawn to the natural diamonds of course. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more caught our eye, and naturally, the OND team became models for the occasion.

Below are some of the standout pieces from the 2024 COUTURE show.

Karina Choudhrie

Karina Choudhrie ‘Vitamin Pink’ dangle earrings. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Karina Choudrie is making her COUTURE debut, launching her fine jewelry collections, Vitamin Pink and Icon. From her Vitamin Pink collection, these linked diamond dangle earrings are set in rose gold and come in a variety of lengths as well as white and yellow gold.


ZAHN-Z diamond rings and diamond bracelet. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Hiba Husayni of ZAHN-Z is also making her COUTURE debut with the Luminaries by Couture, a collective of six remarkable BIPOC women designers, who are unique in style, price point, and design. Hiba’s unique stone setting allows each piece to be worn differently, and able to be worn a variety of ways. We opted for a natural diamond ring stack, of course.

Lizzie Mandler

Lizzie Mandler diamond rings and bracelets. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Lizzie Mandler’s effortless natural diamonds always warrant a stacking situation. A returning COUTURE designer, Mandler has debuted a new collection full of natural diamond eternity bands, tennis bracelets, and unique cut diamonds in chunky gold settings. Also on display are her brand-new jewelry cases, which are essential for COUTURE.


Retrouvai Manga diamond bracelet and ring. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Retrouvai’s signature design, Manga has taken on a new look at 2024 COUTURE. Adding even more natural diamonds, this bangle and ring feature elongated baguettes as well as brilliant round diamonds, set in platinum.

Harwell Godfrey

Harwell Godfrey 11:11 watch bracelet. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Need to make a wish? Harwell Godfrey can grant it. Time and time again you will find yourself looking down at this lucky, diamond-encrusted number. Made to look like a watch, this diamond bracelet serves the look of a watch, and the function of epic jewelry. Completed with colored sapphires, the back of the face is inscribed with the words “You know what time it is.”

Jade Ruzzo

Jade Ruzzo diamond earrings. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Jade Ruzzo‘s innovative designs have taken on a new meaning this COUTURE. She added these diamond earrings to her collection, which give us a vintage feel, and are perfect to take your look from day to night.

Melissa Kaye

Melissa Kaye ‘Stella’ necklaces and hoops. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

A part of her latest collection ‘Stella,’ Melissa Kaye includes diamonds of different shapes, colors, and sizes. These necklaces and hoops are classic natural diamond essentials that are perfect for layering.

Nikos Koulis

Nikos Koulis. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Nikos Koulis debuted innovative natural diamond and gold bangles, with the two elements interwoven around each other. The Greek designer also showcased corresponding rings.

Single Stone

Single Stone. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Single Stone is known for its gorgeous antique stones in unique settings. This pendant features a platinum chain with an antique diamond set in an octagon shape, which pairs perfectly with a platinum and diamond ring, rose-cut diamond band, and denim, of course.

Dezso by Sara Beltran

Dezso by Sara Beltran. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Inspired by her travels and love of the ocean, the effortlessly cool Sara Beltran models her iconic seashell charms and antique diamonds, paired with her incredible gold and diamond cuffs.


Charriol. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Charriol shows us how layering is done with their signature diamond charms on a floating diamond chain paired with an Aries charm necklace and Charriol’s cable collection bracelets.

Renna Jewels

Renna Jewels. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Inspired by collecting seashells with her mother, Renna‘s brand is centered around her love for nature and the sea. Renna models her iconic constellation necklace with Taweretwhich interprets the Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility. She completes her look with a stack of diamond bangles and a gold watch, along with her diamond engagement ring and her gold seashell ring.

Mattia Cielo

Mattia Cielo. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Mattia Cielo, who has mastered the art of movement and innovation in jewelry design, debuted a new twisting slinky cuff, decked out in diamonds.

Emily P. Wheeler

Emily P. Wheeler. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Emily P. Wheeler wears an epic natural diamond and colored stone stack, with a sentimental bear pendant at the center inspired by her daughter Bernadette, whose name means “brave bear.” Bernadette’s birthstone also happens to be a diamond, making this a perfect pendant. She also wore an incredible diamond and gold pinky ring paired with a diamond band.

Rosario Navia

Rosario Navia. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Rosario Navia debuted a new collection at 2024 COUTURE, full of incredible natural diamonds, like this epic pear-shaped pendant necklace in a gold setting.

Jenna Blake

Jenna Blake diamond necklaces. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Jenna Blake’s signature motif can always be picked out of a crowd. This diamond-encrusted mariner pendant shined even brighter when paired with her yellow gold and diamond drop necklace, featuring 10 cushion-cut stones.

Eva Fehren

Eva Fehren diamond ring. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Eva Fehren is known for her unique style of engagement rings, and this fabulous pear-kite-shaped ring is made even better with its thin gold setting, paired with a sleek gold jacket.


Elior diamond headphones necklace and new ‘Metropolis’ diamond ring.

Elior, known for his cheeky natural diamond designs, was inspired by New York City’s nightlife for his latest collection ‘Metropolis,’ specifically modeled after the Boom Boom Room in downtown NYC. The Metropolis ring is made with high shine to resemble NYC’s skyline view from the Boom Boom Room. Elior’s natural diamond and gold headphone necklace is also a hero piece in his collection.


Pomellato ‘Catene’ diamond earrings and necklace. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Pomellato’s ‘Catene’ collection has mastered the art of a chunky curb chain, but they make it effortlessly chic with the pavé diamond settings in rose gold, perfect to dress up any look.


Ondyn natural diamond mesh necklace. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

One of Ondyn’s latest diamond creations is this gorgeous diamond chainmail necklace. Meant to cowl ever so slightly at the neckline, these bezel-set diamonds appear to be mesh, yet sparkle and shine with every move the wearer makes.

Sutra Jewels

Sutra Jewels diamond fringe zipper necklace. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Have you ever seen a diamond zipper before? Well, now you have. This incredible diamond zipper necklace is fully functioning and was so carefully crafted by Sutra Jewels. Featuring diamond tennis-like strips and pavé diamond and gold discs, this necklace contains over 11 carats of natural diamonds.

Studio Renn

Studio Renn kite-shaped diamond ear climber. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Studio Renn’s epic diamond ear climber featured 5 unique, elongated kite-shaped diamonds, set on pavé diamond bars. If you are looking for a unique diamond ear climber to jazz up your ears, look no further than Studio Renn.


Andreoli diamond, ruby, and pink enamel snake wrap bracelet. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Snake jewelry never goes out of style, especially this showstopping natural diamond, ruby, gold, and pink enamel wrap bracelet from Andreoli. Able to be worn low on the wrist or higher up on the arm, this glittering snake will surely turn heads.

Dena Kemp

Dena Kemp black and white diamond bracelets and rings. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

These unique rings from Dena Kemp feature a variety of black and white diamonds and interesting pear and kite-shaped diamonds to accentuate the shiny rings. Paired with stretchy black and white diamond bangles, this look couldn’t get any cooler.

Type Jewelry

Type Jewelry diamond stack ring and ‘L’ego’ gold and diamond bracelets. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Type jewelry has mastered the art of stacking. Debuting at COUTURE this year, they brought their best diamonds. Their pre-stacked diamond ring stands perfectly on its own, but paired with the ‘L’ego’ diamond and gold stackable bracelets, it is just the right amount of bling.

Mason and Books

Mason and Books diamond earrings and rings. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Mason and Books diamond heart ring at COUTURE made us fall in love, so we had to pair it with their floating bezel set huggie hoops and ring for good measure.


Sorellina marquise bezel droplet necklace paired with the ‘Playlist’ diamond embellished record pendant. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

Inspired by David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, this new collection by Sorellina, appropriately titled ‘Playlist’ is going to be on every music lover’s wish list. The diamond-encrusted record charm can be added to any chain and looks great layered, especially with this dangle marquise necklace, might I add.

Selim Mouzannar

Selim Mouzannar diamond snake wrap necklace worn as a belt paired with diamond snake bracelet and snake rings. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

The styling went a bit rogue here, but that is what makes jewelry so special, it can be worn in so many different ways! This diamond wrap snake necklace can be worn as a cool belt, as seen above, and looks even better paired with 2 diamond snake head rings and a matching diamond snake bracelet.

Busatti 1947

Busatti 1947 diamond choker, diamond enamel bracelet, and round diamond ring. Photographed by Vincenzo Dimino.

This incredible diamond suite from Busatti 1947, features an assortment of vibrant colors and sparkle. Starting with the choker, this necklace features baguette-cut diamonds, pink enamel, and a 23-carat asscher stone at the center. The bracelet also features pink enamel, kite-shaped diamonds, and rows of round diamonds lining the epic cuff. The cherry on top is the round, brilliant diamond ring.