Renna Jewels And Alejandra Alonso Rojas New Jewelry Collection

Which is inspired by the treasures of the sea.

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Photo Credit: Renna Jewels

Renna Jewels has collaborated with Alejandra Alonso Rojas to bring the magnificent creatures of the ocean to life. 

Inspired by the sea and the life that inhabits it, this collection features a sea urchin ring and stud earrings, as well as octopus tentacle rings, pendants, and cuff bracelets. Each piece features colorful stones and natural diamonds that tie the collection together. When working on this collection, Renna says, “I sourced these stunning hand-cut garnets a few years ago because when I look at them they give the illusion that water is trapped inside of them. I knew I needed to create something really special with them.” 

Renna Jewels and Alejandra Alonso Rojas ring
Photo Credit: Anastasiia Duvaille

She continued, “I’ve always admired Alejandra’s masterful use of color. It was such a natural fit to work with her. I approached Alejandra with the concept last summer and the rest is history.”

Renna said, “We both have such strong connections to the sea; my line’s DNA emerged from the shores of Laguna Beach and has long been a theme in my work. It seemed a natural fit to expand on how we both relate to it both emotionally and artistically through the process of jewelry design.” 

Alejandra used to dive and collect sea urchin fossils in Menorca growing up. “Their light green shade and texture made them so special and unique. Renna showed me a mint garnet and asked me to design a capsule collection with her. I knew we needed to make a sea urchin ring with it.” The ring features a 4.61 carat mint garnet, surrounded by reverse set natural diamonds to mimic the texture of a natural sea urchin. 

To match the ring, the sea urchin studs were hand-set with 86 reverse set natural diamonds weighing .40 carat. 

Alejandra added, “There is a story about one late King in Spain who designed rings with Octopi in them for the Queen and her ladies in waiting. The Octopus and its tentacles symbolized family and love.” Continuing, “Renna and I wanted to integrate the tentacles as a symbol of love in this collection.” 

The ring is accompanied by a tentacle asymmetrical cuff bracelet that features multi-colored sapphires and a natural diamond clasp.

Alejandra talked about the pendant, which is one of her favorite pieces, saying “It has a gorgeous pink garnet that is being protected as a very special treasure by the octopus. She added, “The rings also connect with a diamond or sapphire and they stack together.” 

The collection is now available to shop online.