Carrie Bradshaw’s Best Jewelry Looks In ‘And Just Like That…’ and ‘Sex and The City’

Sarah Jessica Parker’s iconic character Carrie Bradshaw has long loved diamond jewelry.

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sarah jessica parker carrie diamond jewelry and just like that sex and the city

Of all the things that have changed in Carrie Bradshaw’s life from Sex and the City to And Just Like That…, her love of jewelry remains the same; Sarah Jessica Parker’s character consistently piles it on. Among the whimsical pieces in her collection, like the Carrie nameplate necklace, diamonds have always played a very special role.

Carrie’s quirky style means that, during the day, she typically goes for unexpected and symbolic diamond jewels rather than diamond basics. On certain evening occasions, she goes for ultra-creative diamond designs that give viewers serious jewelry envy.

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Carrie Bradshaw’s Best Diamond Jewelry Looks

carrie diamond jewelry and just like that sex and the city
For a party scene in ‘Sex and the City,’ Aidan Shaw (John Corbett) embraces Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) who is wearing her Asscher-cut diamond engagement ring on a necklace with Fred Leighton diamond chandelier earrings. Photo credit: HBO

Without a doubt, Carrie’s most memorable diamond moment happened in Season 4 of Sex and the City. It involved her engagement ring from Aidan Shaw. Actually, it was two rings. The first ring was a small pear shape diamond on an arty (in a bad way) gold band. After Carrie accidentally discovered it, she literally threw up.

Things went better during Aidan’s proposal. When Carrie opens the ring box Aidan gives her, she is stunned. It’s a beauty. The ring is not the pear shape. It’s an Asscher-cut diamond weighing around four carats on a simple band.

In an only Carrie Bradshaw kind of move, she slid it on to a delicate chain necklace. When Aidan questioned why she was wearing it that way, she said it was “closer to her heart.” The truth was a little more complicated.

Although Aidan was taken aback by the jewelry styling, the ring looked undeniably fashionable on the chain. The engagement ring necklace really shone in one scene when Carrie paired it with a white structured strapless dress, a fabulous updo and Fred Leighton chandelier diamond earrings.

In real life, Sarah Jessica Parker’s style often looks like Carrie’s costumes. No article of clothing, shoe, bag or jewel illustrates this more clearly than the Leighton diamond earrings. SJP put on the earrings not once but twice: to the Golden Globes in 2000, and the SAG Awards in 2001. That kind of repeat jewelry wearing for high-profile events rarely ever happens. In fact, Elizabeth Taylor is perhaps the only other star who has done it.

carrie diamond jewelry and just like that sex and the city
Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) wearing a Mia & Lizzie diamond horseshoe pendant in ‘Sex and the City.’ Photo credit: HBO

Carrie often sported symbolic diamond pendants on Sex and the City. For these pieces, costume designer Patricia Field often sought out emerging brands.

Diamond horseshoe pendants made by the now defunct label, Mia & Lizzie, became a signature jewel for Carrie in Season 4. “Sarah Jessica liked the horseshoe because it was feminine, and as a fan of vintage, she loved our take on the Victorian charm,” Lizzie Scheck explained at the time. The designer, who currently works independently, still makes the horseshoe jewels.

Once Carrie exhibited her love for New York City through her diamond jewelry. She tossed on a t-shirt with a necklace suspending a large Yossi Harari gold pretzel pendant “salted” with diamonds. The twisted bread sold on the streets of Manhattan is as much of a culinary symbol of the city as pizza or coffee to-go.

In And Just Like That… Carrie’s most significant diamond jewel is a Marlo Laz Spike Heart Pavé Necklace. From the beginning of Sex and the City the main theme of the show has been love in all its different forms. Love of friends, significant others, children and, yes, even love of fashion and jewelry. It makes sense Carrie would have a heart necklace, but of course it would be a stylish heart necklace. 

Composed of gold and diamonds, the Marlo Laz Spiked Heart Necklace is made in Manhattan where the designer Jesse Marlo Lazowski has a boutique just a few blocks from the location used for Carrie’s original apartment in the West Village.

sarah jessica parker carrie diamond jewelry and just like that sex and the city
Carrie Bradshaw wearing a Marlo Laz Spike Heart Pavé Necklace among other jewels on ‘And Just Like That…’ Photo credit: HBO

Vogue is among the media outlets who have proclaimed the Marlo Laz heart is the new “Carrie” necklace. While Carrie wears other pieces more often, we can’t disagree with this assessment. Symbolically, the jewel encapsulates what Carrie needs to get through the rough patches in her life. “The spikes on the heart represent strength and perseverance,” explains Lazowski. And just like that, the diamond jewel captured the main plotline of the season.