An Exclusive Look At Olivia Palermo Beauty’s New Diamond Eyeshadow Palette

Bring on the sparkle!

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With hues including Diamond Dust (a dark, smokey metallic shade), Antique Diamanté (a bronze hue with a touch of gold shimmer), Rose Gold, Malachite, Amethyst and Smokey Quartz, the new Regalia eyeshadow palette in star Olivia Palermo‘s eponymous beauty line is clearly inspired by the jewelry box. This became even more apparent when Only Natural Diamonds joined Palermo for a full day on-set to witness her transformation from ‘60s era Brigitte Bardot Barbie doll to a smokey-chic ‘00s nightclub vibe (in just 30 minutes!), presenting the wildly unique essence of each shade. Of course, each makeup switch-up came complete with its own appropriate jewelry look—many featuring natural diamonds.

Olivia Palermo Beauty makeup diamonds eye shadow palette
Courtesy of Olivia Palermo Beauty

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Courtesy of Olivia Palermo Beauty

“I really love the really beautiful old estate pieces,” Palermo mused while exploring with vintage and modern pieces, including diamonds both colored and white. “We played with the darker tones of the vintage pieces to tell one story. And then we played with lots of citrine in the Verdura pieces, which tells a totally different story.”

Throughout the shoot, Olivia wore various diamond pieces from Roman Malakov, Vhernier, Boucheron and Fred Leighton.

Courtesy of Olivia Palermo Beauty

“I always look for quality and craftsmanship throughout all my lines of work, whether that is couture, ready-to-wear or makeup,” say Palermo. “And that goes into jewelry, too. Since I was such a young child I’ve had such a great appreciation for jewelry.”

Olivia, who was recently a brand ambassador for Piaget understands the significance of wearing natural diamonds, not just for their sparkle and shine but for their heritage and lasting impact. “Diamonds can have multiple lives,” she said. “When you pass a piece of jewelry onto the next generation, the next person can enjoy—and then there’s room for new pieces [for you].”

“I love a natural diamond,” she further explained. “And I love a yellow diamond because I tend to wear a lot of gold.”

If there’s one thing we can look to Olivia for, it’s an outfit recipe, and she’s got hers down to a science. “It’s all about what story you’re telling within your looks,” she told us. “Hair and makeup…outfit… it all goes hand in hand with bringing in the accessories. And the accessories tell a story, it’s really important.” Unlike many fashionistas out there, Olivia puts her looks together starting with the jewelry.

Olivia Palermo Beauty makeup diamonds eye shadow palette

“Jewelry is really my foundation moreso than clothes,” she explained. “I like to start with the jewelry, do a full layout, get dressed and then add on to it or switch some things out at the end.” Sounds like a foolproof process to us.

Clearly, Palermo is a diamonds girl through and through, and we can’t wait to see what sparkling look she steps out in next.