7 Rings: Offset’s Diamonds are the Most Lavish in the Game

Inside the Atlanta rapper’s truly wild $3 million jewelry collection.

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Whether you know him as a solo star, one-third of Migos, or with his wife Cardi B, half of hip-hop’s biggest power couple, one thing’s certain: Offset is hands down the rap game’s biggest jewelry connoisseur. For proof, look at last year’s viral video in which he walked us through his insane $3 million jewelry collection. Gold and platinum are heavily represented, but for Offset, diamonds are the real star of the show. While showing off one of his many custom diamond chains, Offset explained his more-is-more philosophy: “I like to ice my jewelry all the way out — I don’t want to show any metal.”

But Offset’s ice isn’t just a flex. For him, diamonds are the ultimate symbol of his success — a sign of the come-up that you can wear. “It’s a great feeling to have my jewelry on,” he said. “It’s a confidence thing, and it shows my work. When I started, I just had this one little diamond chain — now I have all this. Moving on up!”

Read on for a look at his baddest, bougiest, most expensive pieces.

Diamond Drip at Variety Hitmakers Brunch

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Offset’s approach to diamonds is unapologetically lavish. Let’s start up top — the glasses are customized Cartier “bustdowns” — that is, they’re completely covered in brilliant diamonds by Icebox, one of his go-to jewelers. Offset said they cost $18,000 and revealed they aren’t even medically necessary: “These aren’t prescription, these are drip glasses.”

On his hands, he wears his diamond-crusted shooting-star ring and dollar-sign pinky ring, which cost $30,000 and $40,000, respectively.  And let’s not forget one of the wildest chains in the game. Most people spend $250,000 on a house—not Offset, who drops $250k on a house chain. Created by hip hop’s favorite custom chain-maker Elliante, the piece is a replica of the Atlanta home where Offset lived before Migos took off. The chain comes complete with a working front door,and a mini man and bag of money inside. As reminders of where he came from and how far he’s come, these diamonds are the ultimate “we-made-it” moment.

Prince Charming at the 2019 Diamond Ball

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At Rihanna’s 5th annual Diamond Ball, Offset showed off his most dapper look — fitting, since the midnight-blue silk suit with crystal epaulets was custom-made by Harlem’s Dapper Dan. Never one to leave the sparkle on “subtle,” Offset accessorized his bedazzled suit with major diamonds. There was the massive rock on his ring finger that wasn’t much smaller than the 100-carat, $3 million “Titanic ring” with which he famously gifted Cardi on her 27th birthday. And on his wrist, two heavy Cuban-link bracelets and what he calls his “grown-man watch” — a yellow gold Audemars Pigeut timepiece frosted with hundreds of brilliant-cut diamonds. He didn’t reveal the price tag on this gem (probably wise), but similar watches in his collection cost a chill $200,000. Prince Charming, indeed.

Iced Plum at the 2019 GQ Men Of The Year Awards

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Offset showed his versatility here, looking every inch the GQ man in a plum silk shantung suit and relatively understated accessories. But let’s be honest: Offset in “understated” is still iced to the heavens. Here we see him in a small cross-shaped diamond earring, and another earring featuring a single massive diamond that looks to be about 4 carats. He skipped his usual chains, but brought the shine with rings. Here he wears a giant diamond-covered heart-shaped ring worth about $30,000, and a gold diamond-covered Cuban-link ring. “When I’m feeling good, I throw this one on,” Offset said. “It cost a little 20.” That’s a “little” $20,000 to you and me.

Diamond King at Prabal Gurung Front Row

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Offset brought a relatively low-key look to his appearance with wife Cardi B at Prabal Gurung’s runway show…“relatively” being the operative word. Here he uses sleek separates as a backdrop for glittering jewels, from his trusty diamond stud earring to his diamond-crusted championship-style rings (at about $30,000 each, and that’s a hundred thou on just one hand).

But best of all are his diamond necklaces, including the one he called his “very first little diamond chain” —similar styles start at $11,000—and he’s wearing them in bulk (we’ll let you do the math). He also wears a custom diamond-cross necklace and a chain made entirely of his “grown-man stones” — one-and-a-half carat diamonds all the way around. Conservatively, we estimate another $100,000 just on his neck. You know you’ve made it when this is how you do casual.