Diamond Anklets For Every Occasion

Complete every look for any occasion with a sparkling diamond anklet.

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Picture this: You’re getting ready for a black tie affair, preparing for an interview, or pumping yourself up for a first date. You run through a checklist in your head: Cute outfit and jewelry, appropriate shoes, wallet, phone, keys, the works. The one thing you’re missing? A natural diamond anklet!

Anklets are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit no matter the occasion. Heading to the beach for the day? Dress up your pedicure with a sparkly line anklet. Commuting into the office? Those sneakers would look much better with a little bling. For a night on the town, go extra glam and add an anklet to your final look.

Of course, making sure your shoes fit the anklet vibe is key. Whether it’s a professional slingback, dance-ready kitten heels or a chunky sneaker, there’s a natural diamond anklet for every style of shoe out there—sparkle is obviously neutral. Ahead, take a look at six different anklet and shoe pairings for six different occasions.

On Your Commute To Work

De Beers

Airpods in, tote bag slung over your shoulder, and McQueen sneakers on, you’re ready for another day in the office. Commuting isn’t exactly the most glamorous but with your butterfly De Beers bracelet that was resized as an anklet—who doesn’t love a custom moment!—you feel ready to take on the world… or at least the sweaty subway.

Anklet: De Beers Portraits of Nature Butterfly Bracelet in White Gold

Pants and Shoes: Alexander McQueen

To A Formal Event

Made by Malyia

In a break between speeches—and a few champagne toasts—it’s time to freshen up. After your new bathroom BFF compliments your lipstick, you realize the buckle of your Dior heel needs a bit of adjusting. You bend down and get a glittering reminder of the gorgeous Made by Malyia anklet you added at the last minute, and now, you can’t imagine your look without it.

Anklet: Made By Malyia

Dress and Shoes: Dior

Ring: Greenwich St. Jewelers

For An Interview

Jacquie Aichie

Freshly printed resumes in a folder, you step into an office building to meet your potential new boss. You spent most of last night picking out the perfect interview outfit and finished off the look with your favorite professional chic Chanel heels. You don’t want to look too stuffy, so you added a Jacquie Aichie anklet before heading out the door. You take a deep breath, put on your most confident smile, and nail the interview. Your lucky charm? The anklet, of course!

Anklet: Jacquie Aichie

Shoes: Chanel

On A Girls Night Out


It’s the end of a night out with the girls. You’ve had plenty of espresso martinis and tequila sodas, so it’s time to rest your feet on the couch of the bar lounge. You look down to make sure your heels are still looking pristine when you catch a glimpse of your Chopard anklet resting perfectly atop your Viviers. Life is good.

Anklet: Chopard

Shoes: Roger Vivier

Rings: Chopard

Bracelet: Made by Malyia

To A Wedding

Anita Ko

Hair done and makeup on point, you zip up your favorite wedding guest dress and step into a pair of strappy Jimmy Choo heels, perfect for a long night of dancing. One last mirror-check as you slip on your jewelry for the night, including your favorite Anita Ko anklet. Arriving at the venue, you gladly accept a glass of champagne and walk to the ceremony location, anklet sparkling with each step. Bride, who??

Anklets: Anita Ko

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Ring: Eriness

On A First Date

Jacquie Aiche

First dates are all about making a good first impression, so you’ve had your outfit ready for this moment all week. Stepping into your melon-printed Manolos, you throw your gloss into your go-to Jimmy Choo bucket bag and fasten the clasp of your most dazzling Jacquie Aiche diamond anklet. What your date doesn’t know? You’ll be repurposing this outfit for your friend’s shower in a few days.

Anklet: Jacquie Aiche

Shoes: Manolo Blahnk

Bag: Jimmy Choo

Ring: DeBeers