Jewels by the Pool: How Stephanie Gottlieb Styles Her Jewelry

Jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb shares everything you need to know about wearing diamond jewelry on vacation this summer.

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Do you leave your beloved pieces of jewelry at home when you go on a spring break vacation because you’ve been told water and diamonds don’t mix? Do you stare at your vacation Instagram photos wishing they had just a little more sparkle from your jewelry box? Well, those days are over, because we’re here to let you know that you can (and should!) rock your jewels at the pool. Wear that bling by the ocean. Get those diamonds on deck! Ok, we’ll stop, but we do have some tips and tricks from jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb on how to wear your favorite pieces on your next beach vacation.

Stephanie Gottlieb wearing jewelry on vacation
Stephanie Gottlieb

“If you check your clasps and make sure everything is on snug, you mitigate the risk [of wearing your jewelry poolside],” says Stephanie.  “Your gold and diamonds will be OK with sunscreen and worn swimming, but they will definitely appear dirtier than usual from the greasy hands.”

Pro tip: Bring some cleaning solution or jewelry wipes with you on vacation this spring break or summer to make sure they stay sparkling. “Be mindful of your jewelry materials, and always check the recommended care instructions,” Stephanie adds.

Now that we’ve gotten jewelry care out of the way, let’s talk about diamond jewelry wear. The best way to accessorize your favorite bikini? With a gorgeous layer of necklaces, as seen here on Stephanie during her recent beach getaway. “I love adding multiple layers in the summer,” she told us.

Stephanie Gottlieb layered necklaces
Necklaces by Stephanie Gottlieb, Carbon & Hyde, My Story Fine Jewelry, Eriness and CVC Stones

We love how she matched the pink enamel of her necklace to her sparkly pink bikini. “My everyday neck stack is primarily rose gold so I added layering pieces with pink tones to complete the look with my swimsuit for the day,” she explains. If you’re going to go for it, why not go all out? 

Stephanie Gottlieb layered jewelry
Vacation-ready jewelry.
Stephanie Gottlieb braclets
Bracelets by Roberto Demeglio, Netali Nissim and Stephanie Gottlieb

If you want to keep your neck free and clear of any potential strange tan lines, Stephanie recommends playing up the arm party. “I selected bold bracelets that would stand out,” she says of her look. “Our Aura bracelet is flexible and easy to wear to dress up a beachy outfit.”

Stephanie Gottlieb diamond ring stack

While you’re at it, have fun with some colorful gemstones that match your bathing suit and your white diamonds. “I never miss a rainbow moment,” Stepanie reveals. “This rainbow ring stack is the perfect compliment for my beach and poolside attire.”

Planning your outfits and accessories ahead of time makes the packing process more exciting and leaves you with an ultra stylish vacation wardrobe.

When it comes to wearing diamond jewelry by the pool this summer, don’t be afraid to get creative and go for a more playful look. After all, you’re on vacation to have fun; your jewelry should reflect exactly that feeling.