4 NYC Influencers Share Their Diamond Jewelry Gift Picks for the Holidays

Trendsetters discuss the ideal holiday gifts to give and receive.

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When it comes to gifting this holiday season, 2021 is definitely the year to go all out. As life returns to some sense of normalcy thanks to accessible testing and vaccines, in-person shopping and in-person gift exchanges are back and better than ever.

There’s nothing quite like seeing the look on your loved ones face after they open up your gift, especially when that gift is covered in diamonds. Thanks to Lumije, we’ve found some of our favorite diamond jewelry gift ideas of the season, perfect for anyone and everyone in your life, including yourself.

Whether you’re buying a gift for your partner, your BFF or getting yourself something sparkly, it’s important to give something that has meaning and that will last them a lifetime, like a diamond jewelry gift.

We spoke to some of our favorite influencers to get their ideas on holiday gifting plus some of the things they’re excited to celebrate most this year. Below a conversation with Ryan Clark, Tina Lee of Of Leather and Lace, and BFFs Charlotte Bickley and Sami Cohen.

lumije holiday diamond jewelry gift tina lee
Tina Lee
lumije holiday diamond jewelry gift sami cohen charlotte bickley
Sami Cohen and Charlotte Bickley
lumije holiday diamond jewelry gift ryan clark
Ryan Clark

OND:  Buying yourself a nice gift can be empowering, what’s something you bought yourself that made you feel powerful and like your best self?

Charlotte Bickley: A natural diamond choker necklace. I love my neckline and I love the way a necklace accentuates that for me. Also, a great necklace is the first thing people notice when they see you. It’s the perfect way to add that extra sparkle to your outfit. 

Sami Cohen: I love diamond rings. I believe that when you shake someone’s hand, having a beautiful diamond ring and a fresh manicure always helps in making a good first impression.

Ryan Clark: I love treating myself to a massage or a spa day. Self-care is so important, and most people tend to overlook it or don’t make time for it. I’m a strong believer in taking care of oneself, as it can be a powerful tool to aid in mental and physical wellbeing.

OND: What is your favorite piece from the Lumije collection?

CB: The diamond choker. It’s everything!

RC: The Signature 14K Yellow Gold Four-Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

TL: I believe that the perfect gift must have a meaningful story or symbol behind it. I absolutely adore the Ruby and Diamond Constellation Earnings and Ruby Baguette Ring. It has a special place in my heart because my mom’s name is Ruby.

OND: What makes a diamond jewelry gift so special to you and different from other gifts you might receive?

CB: A diamond jewelry gift is very personal. It’s the perfect way to show that you care about someone. 

SC: Diamonds are the way to anyone’s heart. It’s basically the best gift to receive.

RC: Diamonds are timeless which makes receiving one a lifetime gift and a memory that will never fade.

TL: Every time I look at a diamond, I instantly feel this timeless elegance. No matter the era, the destination, or the ever-changing fashion trends, I know that pairing the right diamonds with the right outfit will showcase a timeless elegance that resonates anywhere in the world. 

OND: Share your outfit recipe for a holiday party with family and friends, including jewelry.

CB: My go-to outfit for a holiday party is a sweater dress or something that’s tight, a cute jacket over the dress and a pair of knee-high boots. I’ll compliment the outfit with a diamond statement necklace and tiny diamond hoop earrings. 

SC: The perfect holiday outfit for me is a pair of leather pants with a chunky sweater and diamond statement earrings to complete the look.

RC: I love dressing in black tie for the holidays. It’s such a special time of year, and everyone should look and feel their best.

TL: For this holiday, I’m pairing an elegant tweed jacket with timeless diamond stud earrings and a simple but classic diamond tennis bracelet.

 OND: Do you have any gift-giving traditions?

CB: We always love to do some sort of gift-gifting for the holidays! We usually throw a dinner party and play white elephant. It’s a really fun gift-giving game! 

SC: We always do a Friendsgiving or a white elephant and have some sort of gift exchange.

TL: My husband has an adorable gift-giving tradition with his parents. They love a good story and hearing all about his travels. Whenever we travel to a new location, he always brings back a simple refrigerator magnet that represents his latest travels. When he gives his parents the magnet, he’ll recount all our adventures at the latest destination. After years of travelling, my in-law’s refrigerator is covered with wonderful magnets and tales of our adventures around the world.

OND: Charlotte & Sami, what are the best gifts you’ve given to your BFF and gotten from your BFF?

CB: I have a friend who is absolutely obsessed with her dog, so I customized a denim jacket for her with her dog embroidered on the back. She was so excited! The best gift I received from a friend was a portrait of myself painted by my friend’s mom. It’s one of those gifts you can’t replicate and is truly special. 

SC: I’m Russian so I love giving gifts, it’s part of my culture. I once gifted a friend tickets to a Miley Cyrus concert because we both love her so much. She was so happy! A friend got methe Dyson air wrap which I’m obsessed with. I can’t live without it

OND: Tina, what’s the best gift you’ve given to your husband and the best gift you’ve received from him?

My husband is an avid traveler and loves to experience new sights. As my gift to him, I planned a memorable trip around the peaceful and majestic mountains in the Dolomites of Italy. I’ll always remember his wide grin as he took in the epic scenes of the Alps and the smell of the crisp chill air. While we’ve received many presents each holiday season, my most memorable gift is truly our wedding we threw in a castle in Tuscany a few years ago. It was his gift to me, and he said I could design the wedding of my dreams however I liked! I’ve shared some clips and pictures on my social media, but the experience of that magical day exceeds anything that can be captured in video or photo.

OND:  What’s your plan for the holidays this year?

CB: Sami and I will be going to Saint Barths for the holidays with a group of girlfriends. We cannot wait! 

RC: I plan on spending the holidays with my family in Texas.

TL: After a tremendously busy year of traveling and exponentially expanding my career, I really want to relax and stay put this holiday season. We also have a tradition of reviewing the year, discussing our accomplishments and failures, as well as talking about our dreams and goals for 2022.